Thursday, November 08, 2012

Why our body get hungry quicker

Assalamualaikum readers,
Have you had your shake today? Today, I wanted to share something which for me is important to us to know a bit why does our body always get hungry quicker. My friend shared this on Facebook and I found it interesting yet important for us. At least we may get some benefit from it, am I correct? I believe that this post was shared by one of our distributor who are also a qualified medical doctor, Dr Azha from Kuantan. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

The post states that there are five main reasons why we feel so. Are you ready to absorb my sharing? Okay, let us see the 5 main reasons below: 
  1. Empty stomach (not enough fuel)
    Our body needs energy all the time but is insufficient fuel supply (because we skip meal time usually). The body will signal through the brain that we need to eat to add fuel.
  2. Not enough nutrients in the body.
    When nutrient component decreases in our body, including vitamins and minerals, our brain will crave something which contains the nutrient. But if we make unwise choices of food yet not accurate, we will surely continue to feel hungry even if we have ate 3 plates of rice.
  3. Low sugar level in blood (Hypoglycemia)
    When this happens, our body feel shaky and sleepy. Hibernation mode like the polar bear will occur and all our body stored fat makes us even fatter. Sweet foods raised the blood sugar level in our body but only temporarily. After our insulin jumped, it will go down quickly and leave us hungry again.
  4. Stress
    When we stress or didn't get enough sleep or good rest, the Ghrelin hormone in our body will be increased and caused us to feel hungry. This is our body reaction of storing energy when we stress because at this time, our body is confused. It isn't sure whether the world's food supply is enough or not.
  5. Not enough water in our body
    Our brains are always confused whether are we hungry or thirsty. The first sign that shows we are thirsty is that our lips feel dry. If we feel like dried throat, it means we are starting to get dehydrated (not enough water). Let say if we feel very hungry, try these tips. Drink two glasses of warm water. Wait 10 minutes. After that we ask ourselves, are we still feeling hungry? If yes, go to eat.
For me as a Herbalife consumer and also distributor, our weight management program takes into account all the factors above and we provide the best solution to each of our consumer. Our product is low in calories, we provide do-able and simple program, helps us to curbs hunger and educate us how to drink water at times where we should, stable sugar level and we also have what we called Customer Day gathering every week that is very fun and makes us motivated to go with the program. 

If you want to get started with Herbalife program, ask me how. I'll coach you to get the results that you should get. Jamil 012-2570677

Thank you for spending sometime to read my sharing. Really appreciate your effort. Thanks all. :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Herbalife 86th country - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Just out! Herbalife welcomes Bosnia as our 86th country! Wow! Who do you know in Bosnia? Who do you know in Bosnia? Who do you know in Bosnia? Let's change our life and people's life around us to live a healthier life with good nutrition. Ask me how!

If you're interested and serious to lose weight or gain weight or maintain weight and get healthy with Herbalife, feel free to fill in your particular. Thank you.

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