Saturday, May 31, 2008

Majlis bersama Tok Said

"Be the best among the best!"

Assalamualaikum...We meet again in another story. This story supposedly to be posted yesterday, but because of some constraint I am unable to post it. Last two nights, there were a small makan-makan at Dato' Said's house at IM 2. He invited us to his house to join the makan-makan. I thought other people also will join the makan-makan. Unfortunately, not. Only us, the MPP of UMP. ;) We depart from UMP about 8.50 pm by bus. Specifically, the UMP bus; the short bus. We altogether that night was 15 people(plus the driver who took us there, thank you) cause Ayie, Achik and Ude was not around(for those three, the meal that night was soooooo delicious! ;P). We arrived at 9.20 pm(I didn't remember exactly the arrival time ;P) at his house. Dato' Said is UMP former Vice Chancellor. He waited for our arrival at the front of his house. Then, we went into his house lah. Hehe. Before we start makan-makan, we borak-borak with him first. ;) Then Datin came to join borak-borak with us.

Dato' Said mentioned his vision on UMP. I'm impressed when with his idea to recreate the abandoned MEC from Malaysia Electric Corporation to Malaysia Education Corridor. What an idea! Later when Dato' invited us to makan. Awe make his move first since nobody is strong enough to take the meal that put on the table. Haha. After Awe initialize, others executed to take the meal. I give way to others first since there is a traffic jam at the way to meal. Hehe. Do you want to know what the meal was? It's chicken beriyani. Sounds nice right. Really delicious! Yum, yum... ;) I ate two rounds and finished last among them all. Not a problem right? Hehe. The problem is I was too hungry(cannot go). ;P

After ate, we were served with agar-agar(I guess...hehe). The agar-agar also so delicious! While we eat the agar-agar, we continue our borak-borak. Dato' mention that he wanted to build a new house. He showed us the plan. It's big though. Even it's a single storey house. Pheww! Dato' also told us the story when he was abroad to study. Then, Dato' mentioned that he wanted to make a biography about himself. If possible he wanted to publish it. Good idea! Way to go Dato'. Unfortunately, he need to find a really good writer to write a good book for him. Ucu can write a good writing, right? ;P Dato' also told us about his story when he was a kid. It's really nostalgic story. We borak-borak up till 11.00 pm that night. Before we leave, Alang represents us to gave a present to Dato' as an appreciation from us. Thank you Dato' for everything including that night. I like the beriyani. ;)

Later that night, we're preparing to receive a delegation from UTM Skudai; the MPP of UTM. That's for another story. Heee... :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just want to share :)

Assalamualaikum and Hi! For this post, I just want to share some of my work. Yeah right! Of course lah..I'm not really good in designing but I like to design. Here, I need your comments regarding this design. It named it RGB. Well, it's red, green and blue. That's why I name it that way. Hehe. ;) Hope your comments can make me even better in designing, maybe one day. Who knows right? :)

This second design here was a combination from 3 source. The yellow artifact like was Solah's one. He actually wanted to make a number 3 that looks artistic, but it turns out that way. Well, nice try. The breakers there, definitely from the internet lah. Hehe. My name there, I design it myself. :) So, comments please...

Next time I'll come out with more design. Peace! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SCJP exam & Pizza Hut

There's nothing impossible in this world

Assalamualaikum! Yezza...this is not a test, this is real. Haha. Today is really a tiring day. I don;t know why but I just feeling tired. Maybe I answered so many Java question that require my brain to work really, really hard until da maximum. Well, that's how it is. My Exam just around the corner. Which corner? That corner lah... ;P It's Sunday lerr. I must pass this exam to get certified. I must try my really best. Not like doing some OOP question like before. It's tougher though. I just finished the 2nd set of the question paper. It's actually online paper. I got another one more set to go before the instructor give us another sample of the exam paper. The passing mark for SCJP is 59%. I bet you can imagine how hard it is, right? That's why we need to finish the 3 sets of question provided by Sun System. I'll do my best! And get my certification. InsyaAllah. :) ke?...last Monday, I ate pizza at Giant. Do you know what pizza? Pizza Hut larr.. hehe. It's my rezeki that day. Alhamdulillah. Actually, that particular evening I am really hungry. Damn hungry. I never take my lunch cause I'm not hungry that afternoon. I dunno la this 2 days I didn't take lunch. Maybe I'm still not hungry because I ate breakfast at 10.30 am in the middle of Java class. Don't get me wrong okay. Mr Ghana gives us break at 10.30 am and tells us to get rid from your computer. That's when I go eat. The cafe is just nearby. It's an executive cafe actually. Where am I writing right now? Oh, out of bound exception. Hehe. Ok. That evening, Cikma treat me the pizza la. Thank you Cikma. Next time it's my treat. InsyaAllah, if ade rezeki. ;) Uteh didn't finish his mushroom soup. Haha. Cikzu eating her pizza and Cikma with her spaghetti. Uteh is looking for his rib bone. ;P I'm really, really kenyang eating the pizza. Alhamdulillah. It's been a long time I didn't ate pizza though. Is it? Last time was when Along birthday lorr.. Hehe. Ok. That's it for now. Make sure ya'll stay tune with yourself okay. :) Peace yo!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Semalam di Pekan

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. :) Did you know what happened last night? Surely tou didn't coz I ain't telling you. Haha. Well, last night I and other UMP-ians were going to Pekan for live show of a program named Halaqah. The topic of Halaqah last night was "Beras"(rice). Hey, interesting topic though. This due to the recent issues on rice. Not only in Malaysia, others also. The price for even a kilogram of it was really going crazy you know. Phew.. When price goes high, you'll know what will cause. Actually, we arrived there a bit late. 15 minutes after the program start. Plus searching or parking and bla, bla, bla..that takes us 10 more minutes. And finally, we reached the place safely. Lucky for person whom sitting at the front line coz their face was on TV. Well, niat mesti betul. ;) We came in peace! I came with Alang, Cik D and Zul with the NBC car left by Awe for his absence here. He's actually going UMS for MASUM. Ucu is going with other UMP-ians with the bus.

Ok, back to the story. Later, somebody approach me. was Abg Wan. His house is nearby that place. By the way, the place is Padang Majlis Daerah Pekan. Then, we sat together to watch the live program. One of the panel I know la, Dr Jamnul Azhar. He came to UMP recently (I didn't remember which event) to give his ceramah to us. I knew him since I was in Perak Matriculation College. He often came there to give ceramah. Another panel I didn't know but I knew his name, Ust Badlishah, the Qadhi of Temerloh. Right me if I'm wrong k. ;) The live show ends at 10 pm. After that, the part that I like, makan. Hehe. well, I'm too starving last night coz haven't taking my dinner yet. The makan is held at the hall next to the Padang. I ate roti jala, murtabak and some kuih. And they're really delicious! ;)

After eat, we went to Abg Wan's house to lepak and this is the first time I went there. His house is quite big and it's a kampung style house. It's feel like going back to Johor. Hehe. I like the sofa at the hall room. I felt sleepy & very comfortable when I sat on it. While lepak-lepak at the hall, we browse through Abg Wan's photo albums. There were photos of him when he was a student, photos of his family and other photos. Then, we go minum-minum near the Pahang river. It's dark and I can't see the river but the river is just next. After minum-minum, we go back to UMP. It's 12 am when we depart from Pekan. We arrived at UMP about 12.50 am. That's all lah for this blog. Peace! ;)

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, May 23, 2008

[ Manchester United & European Champions League 2008 ]

We are the champion! Yeah, once again for this season. Manchester United proved they are the champion of Europe. They do double for this season, they won the English Premier League and yesterday, the UEFA Champions League title. United have been remarkable this season from the start. Should I say, Sir Alex are having the strongest squad this season. That's all for this post. Hee.. Actually, I wanted to post this on 22nd. But, I can't made coz of time constraint. Ya'll now why don't ya? ;P Well, I better going with the next post. Chow!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

"Experience is your best teacher."

Assalamualaikum and bonjour! Finally, the day that I waited has come. Ngeh, ngeh, ngeh... ;) The day is actually this 3P course or it's real name Program Pertauliahan Profesional for students mainly in computer science field. The course is offered here at UMP to students from 2 faculties; Faculty of Computer Science & Software Engineering (FSKKP) and Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (FKEE). Both are actually closely related actually. Coz last time, networking program was offered under the FKEE program's list. Originally under FSKKP and last year back to FSKKP again. Well, that's not the point here. The point here is I'm started going to class again for real. 9 am to 5 pm with 3 breaks in middle of it.

I'm taking the SCJP program or the real name as seen on title. ;P This program is handled by a company named Prestariang. I never heard of it before but never mind. A program costs you about RM5k to RM8k. Wow! That's a lot of money though. But the government support us in this program so we didn't need to pay anything at all! That's the best part. :) Today's the introduction class and I came a bit early I guess. Hehe. The trainer arrived to UMP at aout 9.45am this morning and the class supposedly started at 9am. Well, that's normal for the first day. I was like that also. Hehe.

My class is majority from 3BCS. There are 2 students from FKEE and other 2 are from 2BCS, that's including me. Actually, I supposed to take the MCAD program but I have registered SCJP first. And MCAD program is one month duration. SCJP is only 2 weeks but it's a lot of hard work to go through in SCJP. Sunday also got class you know. But, for study anytime anywhere. I like to study. :) I tell you one of my target, to get a Master Degree. InsyaAllah. Before that, I must complete my ticket to get there first. Peace!

The trainer's name is Mr Ghana Deepz. Sounds like Johnny Depps or something right. Hehe. He's an Indian trainer, a freelance trainer. Called by the company to train us in this program. Well, today we just learn the basic of Java programming. Building a main class and execute it. In addition, he told us about the interview questions that's normally an IT companys like to ask. It's a credit also right. Hehe. At least we prepared for that kind of questions when we are interviewed later. We start to coding after lunch actually coz before lunch is just a briefing about himself, what SCJP is all about, a basic concept in Java programming. I think that's enough for today. Until we meet again in another blog of mine. Hopefully I'll pass this program with flying colors and be a skillful Java programmer. InsyaAllah. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Selamat Datang Naib Canselor UMP yang baru

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. How's life going? Hope ya'll in good condition and everyday is you stay energetic to do your daily work. Yeah! ;) Today, 16th May 2008, my university got a new Vice Chancellor. His name is YH Dato' Profesor Daing Mohd Nasir Daing Ibrahim. I'm actually confused which one is his name. Is it Prof Dato' Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir Daing Ibrahim or Dato' Profesor Daing Mohd Nasir Daing Ibrahim??? Well, I'll look for it later kay. :) Here is his brief biodata. I get it from Malaysia Institute of Accountants website. Prof Dato’ Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir . PhD, BBA, MBA, CA(M), FCPA (Australia) is currently the Director of the Advanced Management Centre, Univerisiti Sains Malaysia. He is actively involved in the administration of the university as well as the lending his expertise to various other organisations such as professional accounting bodies, business associations and government agencies. Prof Dato’ Dr. Daing was conferred the Dean of the Year award in 2004 in conjunction with the World Congress conference for the Academy of Global Business Advancement (AGBA, USA) held in New Delhi. In its 3rd World Congress held in Kuala Lumpur, AGBA once again presented him the “2006 AGBA Distinguished Dean Award.”

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Team-Building, Leadership & Secretariate Training 2008 (TEST '08)

Assalamualaikum n good day to all! Recently, about 12 hours ago we've just finish a workshop named Team-Building, Leadership & Secretariate Training (TEST'08) for eXpoconvo'08. The main purpose of the workshop is to come out with a plan on what we want to do during this holiday and after holiday. The whole idea was to specifically synchronize work among divisions in eXpoconvo'08. There will be a due date for each task to be completed. With this, we will practice to finish our job on time and there will be less complexity to do the work. I'm the Setiausaha Bahagian Multimedia & Dokumentasi. The strength of my division is only 8 peoples but we aim to do our best in this eXpoconvo.
This workshop have presents three guests. 1st guest was Miss Haslinda, Principal of 3rd Kolej Kediaman as the first presenter. She talked about teamworking and leadership. 2nd guest was Mr Wan Nazrul Helmy, Pegawai Khas kepada NC. He talked about protocol & social ethic. And lastly was Mr Shamir Adnan bin Shaukat, former Setiausaha Bahagian of multimedia division in eXpoconvo'06. His speech is more on giving the basic knowledge in designing and photography. As a conclusion, the important thing is to apply the knowledge gain from those presentation about certain topics. Well, there is no meaning if we don't transfer what we talk and what we thought into action; that's mean apply.

For each division, we need to discuss what we will be doing in order to complete certain goal or tasks, what's the due date, who's the person-in-charge and so on. Well, all of those seems to have needing the commitment from each members of division; full commitment of course. Yet, the event will be held in less than 100 days now. Then, we will need to try our best to complete what is supposed to be completed during this short holiday because when the semester started, we will face more difficulty than now.

The Closing Ceremony for TEST'08 have been completed by our Dean of JHEPA, Prof. Dr. Abd Jalil bin Borham. The ceremony went all well. The part when I displayed the multimedia presentation was my favourite part. Well, my division did that part. :) That's all for the workshop and now we need to accomplish all tasks as discussed so that we will finish work on time. It's working time. Peace!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Last day of the semester

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone. Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday. So, what's the difference between these days? I bet you wouldn't know. Hehe. Actually, both days are same. They are day. :P Well, that's just the introduction to my writing today. Well, today is the last day of my 4th semester here at UMP. I still have 1 ½ year to go. For this semester, I consider it the toughest semester; as for now. Maybe I got too many commitment to go for or maybe I failed to manage my time well or maybe I just feel that way. Above all, the semester just over. Whatever you say, you can never turn the time back. If you have the car from Back To The Future, then maybe you can. With the permission of Allah of course. In reality, you can't. But, you still can improve things that would gonna do in the future. Take your opportunity as long as Allah still give you the time to live. If He takes your life, like I said, no turning back. That's life for sure. Next semester would be more tougher than this semester. Why would I said this? Because I will be doing my Undergraduate Project 1 a.k.a PSM 1. It's a thesis writing based on research about my system that I want to develop in Undergraduate Project 2. I'll do my best in my PSM 1. InsyaAllah. My block mates almost all gone back to their hometown. I will go back to Subang Jaya next month. Just a month late. That's not a problem. Yet, today I still have work to do. I just got back from the Canselori to submit the banner that to be published in our e-community. This evening, I need to go to kuantan to take the banner for tomorrow's program. Well, that's me. ;) I don't have idea actually what to write. So, happy holiday to all! Roger n out!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Perdana Discourse Series 7 : National Sovereignty

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. Today, I wanted to write about a program which I've attended recently; actually yesterday. The program named Perdana Discourse Series 7 : National Sovereignty. The number 7 means there are also other series and I only have attended one of the series currently. This program is a collaboration between Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) and Institue of Quality & Knowledge Advancement (InQKA) of UiTM which sponsored by Proton. Personally, at first I actually doesn't know what is mean by National Sovereignty (serius wa xtipu...). What I understand after I search for the meaning of it from Google, it means independent nation or something that have to do with our nation pride. I also just knew the meaning of national sovereignty in Malay is kedaulatan negara when I opened Utusan Online this morning (aku baru tau...huhu). Well, that's not the point. The point is I've expand my knowledge in this topic a bit which I think each and every one of us should take care of. It's about our nation. The keynote address was by YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.
I personally respect this man because of his influence and thoughts which have make him as one of source of references among leaders in the world. In his speech, he opened the topic with the history related to Malaysia. He related the events which occured with national sovereignty. In his speech, he mention that we can do whatever (constuction or others) on our side of land as long as we do not disturb our neighbour's land. But the most important thing is how are we going to sustain or uphold our nation's sovereignty. He ends the speech about 10.45am plus the Q&A session with Tun Mahathir and that's about 15 minutes (kol 11 la kirenye abes sesi ngan Tun Mahathir). After that, we all take our tea break before resume the program with panel session. The panel was Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi, Miss Nurul Ikhlas Abdul Hadi and well-known Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. The session is moderated my Prof Dato' Dr Qasim Ahmad.

All the panel present their speech regarding the topic discussed that day. From thi session, I can see the topic from 3 perspective; a general perspecive, a student perspective and a politician perspective. Of course, there are 3 presenter from different level of people. Sovereignty as shield, not as sword. That is mentioned by 1st presenter, Prof Shad. From 2nd presenter, Miss Nurul Ikhlas, she mention that we must start small. Which by means, start from the foundation level. And the last presenter, Tan Sri Sanusi quote that basis of sovereignty is balancing pride & happiness. He also quote that "moving from one art of our country to other part pf pur country without asking permission to neighbour country; that's sovereignty." After the session's ends, we take pur lunch. And suposedly after that, the resume the program with discussion which I didn't took part. Hehe. That's all for this time. For all my friends, join je kalo ade program cenggini. Xrugi beb. Peace! :)
P/S : Sorry ar kalo ade mistake grammar. Kalo leh tolong aku betulkan, aku amat mengalu-alukan. TQ

Thursday, May 01, 2008

final exam da habis...

salam...ya haa...akhirnye final exam aku dh habis dan ini sekaligus menamatkan semester keempat utk aku di ump dalam mengejar cita-cita...alhamdulillah! soalan final kali ni agak membuatkan aku bnyk berfikir kerana soalan-soalannye yang mencabar kreativiti aku...huhu. tp xpe la. sume tu dh lpas. yg penting skang adalah berdoa dan bertawakkal. may we get the better pointer that before. insyaAllah. :) sini aku nk citer la sket mcm mane final exam aku kali ni. jgn sangka semuanya akan bermula dengan baik. hehe. on the first day exam, aku telah membuat spoil iaitu...jeng, jeng, jeng....aku masuk lewat da ke dewan exam. huhu. sadis siot. lewat hampir 20 minit. tertido nye kes la ni. aiya. pagi tu aku dh sadar dh, cume pastu mate aku pale aku pening-pening sket. tu yg lentok sat tu. sadar je dah kol 9.10 am daa...aisey man. ni kire second time la ni. first dulu mase final sem lepas utk paper last. kali ni berlaku pada paper first. pengajarannya, jangan tido lepas subuh. bahaya. itu je la spoil nye. lepas-lepas tu semua aku berjaya datang sebelum waktu exam bermula. especially paper last la. stengah jam sebelum start paper aku dh smpai kat luar dewan exam. alhamdulillah. :) tu la citer aku utk final exam kali ni. walaupun dh abes paper, aku tetap gak xdapat balik umah sbb ade bengkel sekretariat expoconvo 08. lepas daripada tu lak aku ade Program Pertauliahan Profesional atau 3P. kire ni short course la utk student sains komputer dan student elektrik. mahal woo yuran dia tp kitorang free la. KPT support. ;) Lepas tu baru dapat balik jap sebelum aku datang sini balik untuk prominds. cuti kali ni pon xsmpai 3 bulan. 2 bulan lebih je. well, it's all I need to tell you in this blog. kepada yang bercuti selamat bercuti. peace man! :) roger and out!......

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