Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

"Experience is your best teacher."

Assalamualaikum and bonjour! Finally, the day that I waited has come. Ngeh, ngeh, ngeh... ;) The day is actually this 3P course or it's real name Program Pertauliahan Profesional for students mainly in computer science field. The course is offered here at UMP to students from 2 faculties; Faculty of Computer Science & Software Engineering (FSKKP) and Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (FKEE). Both are actually closely related actually. Coz last time, networking program was offered under the FKEE program's list. Originally under FSKKP and last year back to FSKKP again. Well, that's not the point here. The point here is I'm started going to class again for real. 9 am to 5 pm with 3 breaks in middle of it.

I'm taking the SCJP program or the real name as seen on title. ;P This program is handled by a company named Prestariang. I never heard of it before but never mind. A program costs you about RM5k to RM8k. Wow! That's a lot of money though. But the government support us in this program so we didn't need to pay anything at all! That's the best part. :) Today's the introduction class and I came a bit early I guess. Hehe. The trainer arrived to UMP at aout 9.45am this morning and the class supposedly started at 9am. Well, that's normal for the first day. I was like that also. Hehe.

My class is majority from 3BCS. There are 2 students from FKEE and other 2 are from 2BCS, that's including me. Actually, I supposed to take the MCAD program but I have registered SCJP first. And MCAD program is one month duration. SCJP is only 2 weeks but it's a lot of hard work to go through in SCJP. Sunday also got class you know. But, for study anytime anywhere. I like to study. :) I tell you one of my target, to get a Master Degree. InsyaAllah. Before that, I must complete my ticket to get there first. Peace!

The trainer's name is Mr Ghana Deepz. Sounds like Johnny Depps or something right. Hehe. He's an Indian trainer, a freelance trainer. Called by the company to train us in this program. Well, today we just learn the basic of Java programming. Building a main class and execute it. In addition, he told us about the interview questions that's normally an IT companys like to ask. It's a credit also right. Hehe. At least we prepared for that kind of questions when we are interviewed later. We start to coding after lunch actually coz before lunch is just a briefing about himself, what SCJP is all about, a basic concept in Java programming. I think that's enough for today. Until we meet again in another blog of mine. Hopefully I'll pass this program with flying colors and be a skillful Java programmer. InsyaAllah. :)


~PsYChO_X~ said...

haaa...the 3 populars programe is

if u want to be take mcad/microsft with sun my trainer said..

Suburbanzero said...

xsuke2~~ :P
aku ni dak kecik lagi...nnt2 aku amik la mcad tu...ngeh3

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