Thursday, May 08, 2008

Perdana Discourse Series 7 : National Sovereignty

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. Today, I wanted to write about a program which I've attended recently; actually yesterday. The program named Perdana Discourse Series 7 : National Sovereignty. The number 7 means there are also other series and I only have attended one of the series currently. This program is a collaboration between Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) and Institue of Quality & Knowledge Advancement (InQKA) of UiTM which sponsored by Proton. Personally, at first I actually doesn't know what is mean by National Sovereignty (serius wa xtipu...). What I understand after I search for the meaning of it from Google, it means independent nation or something that have to do with our nation pride. I also just knew the meaning of national sovereignty in Malay is kedaulatan negara when I opened Utusan Online this morning (aku baru tau...huhu). Well, that's not the point. The point is I've expand my knowledge in this topic a bit which I think each and every one of us should take care of. It's about our nation. The keynote address was by YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.
I personally respect this man because of his influence and thoughts which have make him as one of source of references among leaders in the world. In his speech, he opened the topic with the history related to Malaysia. He related the events which occured with national sovereignty. In his speech, he mention that we can do whatever (constuction or others) on our side of land as long as we do not disturb our neighbour's land. But the most important thing is how are we going to sustain or uphold our nation's sovereignty. He ends the speech about 10.45am plus the Q&A session with Tun Mahathir and that's about 15 minutes (kol 11 la kirenye abes sesi ngan Tun Mahathir). After that, we all take our tea break before resume the program with panel session. The panel was Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi, Miss Nurul Ikhlas Abdul Hadi and well-known Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. The session is moderated my Prof Dato' Dr Qasim Ahmad.

All the panel present their speech regarding the topic discussed that day. From thi session, I can see the topic from 3 perspective; a general perspecive, a student perspective and a politician perspective. Of course, there are 3 presenter from different level of people. Sovereignty as shield, not as sword. That is mentioned by 1st presenter, Prof Shad. From 2nd presenter, Miss Nurul Ikhlas, she mention that we must start small. Which by means, start from the foundation level. And the last presenter, Tan Sri Sanusi quote that basis of sovereignty is balancing pride & happiness. He also quote that "moving from one art of our country to other part pf pur country without asking permission to neighbour country; that's sovereignty." After the session's ends, we take pur lunch. And suposedly after that, the resume the program with discussion which I didn't took part. Hehe. That's all for this time. For all my friends, join je kalo ade program cenggini. Xrugi beb. Peace! :)
P/S : Sorry ar kalo ade mistake grammar. Kalo leh tolong aku betulkan, aku amat mengalu-alukan. TQ


Nandre The Legend said...

caya la beb, semalam saya pon ada jugak kat PLF tu.. pusing2 dalam bangunan dia...dia punya MC tu nama Intan Zanariah Hamdan, dari faculty of education, UiTM, shah alam.

Nandre The Legend said...

one thing, thank you for particpate in the program yesterday. i hope you enjoy the program and joined the break out session sampai petang tu...

makan nasi beriani restoran syed..
petang makan murtabak mamak plak...

Suburbanzero said...

oo...MC yang comel2 tu name nye Intan Zanariah ke... :) well, bukan sng nk hadir program2 macam's really a meningful program...

Dyat said...

hebat hebat!!

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