Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Football Team

Assalamualaikum and Good Day lads!

This is my first post since last time. Haha. Well, many things to settle down. Since I got a blackberry, why don't I try to post one now. ;) Lads, really missing this place very much. Hey, you wanna know what, now I have a football team. It's named FC Aragonne, I played as center back, jersey no 18. We played bit of friendly and I debuted for a league, well, pre-season league, last year. Got selected into the first 16, it's still okay for me. At least for now my dream to play for a football team is achieved. ;) But it doesn't stop there. I wan't to win something from this team before retiring. Hah, talking like professional footballers. ;) No problem, We have to dream right. No dream, nothing to achieve. So lads, let's dream big and achieve big. .Most importantly is get to work on it. Now, let's go! :)

on this new year, let's lose some fats and gain some muscle. lose weight now, ask me how. :)

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