Friday, February 27, 2009

Jom Masuk U!

Assalamualaikum all! Tomorrow, at my university will be held a 2 day carnival (28 February - 1 March 2009) called "Jom Masuk U!" It's like an exhibition from all institute of higher learning (IHL) around Malaysia; I'm not sure whether the private universities will also be here or not. The carnival will be launched by our Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. The ceremony will be starting at 9 am until 12.30 pm like that. I'll be there tomorrow selling Mingo Mingo ice cream. Hehe. Don't forget to buy the ice cream okay. ;) See you there!

Cool stuff...Ejawi Converter

Assalamualaikum all! Just now, I've found one cool stuff from this blog. It's named Ejawi Converter. The function is to convert from Rumi (Romanised Malay) to Old Malay (Jawi) script. The application was programmed by Nik Muhammad Nik Abdul Kadir. More about this application, click here. Selamat mencuba! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's with the noise?

Assalamualaikum readers! Haha. How are you? Fine? Alhamdulillah.. :) This post I just wanted to tell about what happened yesterday afternoon at the KK1 cafeteria. There was a rapat umum or should I say an assembly. Our VC and Dean of JHEPA also was there yesterday to join the assembly. The assembly is made to give chance to students to speak out loud regarding the cafetaria; services, facilities, food price and others in front of the VC. This was the best platform for student to throw whatever inside regarding this issue. You see, it's not easy to make a public comment like this. The assembly was organized by our Students Representative Council (MPP). The assembly wasn't meant to hurt someone or somebody but to find a better solution regarding the issue from both sides the students and the management. Well, congratulations to Suffi and the gang for this event! Here are some pictures from yesteday's event.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PSM on progress..

Assalamualaikum readers! Currently, I'm working on my PSM a.k.a final year project for degree student. The system named Astaka Event Layout Design Suggestion System (ELDSS); the acronym is temporarily like that, maybe I'll find a better acronym for it later or maybe I'm not (hahaha...). The system is an online application form to use the Astaka for any activity pusposes. Usually, in UMP, the applicants are students, lecturers and staffs. The main function is when applicants need to select the event layout design template that is stored in the database. The event layout design is actually the floor plan of the event, how the chairs, tables, rostrums, panel board, sofas and others logistic requirements are arranged.

The template is taken from the manual form cause in the manual way, the applicants need to sketch and draw it themselves (plus thinking how would the arrangements look like) and submit it with the application form. Sounds quite many work isn't it? Well, what about if you have the template and just select it, later if u wanted to do some adjustment its up to you lah kan, and then submit it online. No need to sketch and draw it yourself. Easy isn't it?

Well, it maybe not the best solution from me but maybe its useful, aite? Here I display the main page snapshot of the system. Still need improvements! Haha. ;)

One Day Seminar on Current Issues in ICT

Assalamualaikum all! Here's one interesting seminar that you may don't want to miss especially those who are in the ICT field.

More info about it, just log on to

British English vs. Malaysian English

Assalamualaikum all! This was taken from Cikma. Happy reading! ;)

A good comparison ..

*British English vs. Malaysian English**
Who says our English is teruk? Just read below - Ours is
simple, short,
concise, straight-to- the-point, effective etc.*
Britons: I'm sorry, sir, but we don't seem to have
the sweater you want in
your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the
other outlets for
Malaysians: No stock.
Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone call for me
a few moments
Malaysians: Hello, who call?

Britons: Excuse me, I would like to get by. Would you
please make way?
Malaysians: S-kew me.
Britons: Hey! Put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Malaysians: No need lah.
Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible
for me to enter
through this door?
Malaysians: (pointing at the door) Can ah?

Britons: Please make yourself right at home.
malaysians: No need shy shy one lah!
Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money.
Malaysians: Where got?
Britons: I would prefer not to do that, if you don't
Malaysians : Don't want lah.
Britons: Err...Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand
where you're
coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you
said about the
Malaysians: You mad ah?
Britons: Excuse me, but could you please lower your voice?
I'm trying to
concentrate over here.
Malaysians: Shut up lah!
Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for
sometime. Do I know
Malaysians: You see what ?
Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the
Malaysians: Die lah!!

Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?
Malaysians: What happened ah? Why like that one lah?
Britons: This isn't the way to do it. Here, let me show
Malaysians: Like that also don't know how to do!
Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me?
Malaysians: Celaka you!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rapat Umum Suara Mahasiswa

Asslamualaikum readers especially UMP-ians!

Be there! ;)

Organized by Students Representative Council (MPP) of UMP, Students College Committee (JPK) of KK1 & KK3.

Just some statistics...

Assalamualaikum readers! This post just want to show some statistics. Well, I just sign up as nuffnangers last week. Huhu. It's very late aite? It's okay.

The graph is bell shaped. Ups and downs.

Views and unique visitor numbers of last week. Well, not bad. Haha.

Just read the captions. ;) (if it's not clear, click at the picture to maximize it).

Haha.That's all! Stay tune. ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

From my lens : Some random pictures

Assalamualaikum readers! In this post, I just wanted to share some random pictures taken by me. ;)

Mat Topo, Zam and Tito L during technopreneurship class.

Zarith is sleeping in this class. Haiya~

Graffiti...I don't remember where was it. But somewhere around KL.

This big lion you can found it in Bandar Sunway. Better watch out, it does eat peoples!

Azrae and his bro, Ariff Othman. He's in MMU now.

My classmates. Where are the boys???

This one was last year during Pn Suryanti's ICT class. Jemin before becoming the dadih maker.

Surya was talking something to Yamin while Yamin is smiling at the camera. ;P

Some of my tags. There's more actually. :D

JJ's Workplace. Yeah, it's my MP160. Wanna print your assignments?

Iqbal a.k.a Einstein during Amanat NC early this month.

Penyu was spotted at the event also. Posing sket bang. Hehe.

Ara and Yan. They're always together even when they are in other section.

That's all lah. Enjoy! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

KFC + Big Apple = ???

Assalamualaikum all! How was your day? Hope it's alright. :) Today is the last day for lecture in this week and next Monday, the routine of lecture will begin again and again and again. That's life in campus for an ordinary student. For extraordinary student, their life is not just rotating around the routine but also he/she can go to any direction as wished; right, left, up, down, zigzag, back and forth and others. You know what I mean right? If you don't know, please go ask your roomie, okay. :)

Today evening, I, Mat Topo and Abai went out to Kuantan because I wanted to deposit money to my ibu and Topo wanted to buy the bus ticket to KL. While I went to deposit the money, Abai and Topo went to the hospital parking to distribute the fliers there. Hehe. After that, Topo went to Maybank to deposit money also. Next we went to Terminal Makmur for a while to buy the KL bus ticket. Later after that, we went to Stika Point to inquire about the price of printing fliers sized 4R. The manager asked us to came back next Monday.

Well, we went to eat after that. We ate at KFC because of Abai. He started to mention about it. Haha. Ambik ko, kempunan sangat... ;P After finish eating, we went to solat maghrib and went back to UMP. Later that night, Fani SMS me to meet her because she wanted to give me the Big Apple donuts. Donut lagi..hehe. Alhamdulillah, this week I get 2 half dozen of Big Apple donuts; last one was on Wednesday. See my previous post. ;) Unlike last time, this time I ate the donuts with Khalis and the gang at his house. Can't handle half dozen by myself la. Hehe. Hey, I'm taking herbalife. KFC + Big Apple = no problem...insyaAllah :) And that's wrapped up for this post. Stay tune. Zrassss!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Software Project Management a.k.a SPM

Assalamualaikum all! Just now, I was just finished my group meeting with the lecturer, Mr Adzhar K. The meeting is actually about our project progress in Software Project Management subject. The subject where we apply all our knowledge on software project management, how to develop a system, how to manage the team and time. Basically, it's all about software engineering skills. The meeting was going through very good. Even though there are some unanswered question. Hehe. Well, that's life. :) But the most important thing is my team members.

Thank you for your co-operation (Kak Wani, CG, Ida, Kayown, Nik, Athirah, Bob) during the meeting even though Bob always not present in the previous meeting, but he still concern about the project and the team. And one thing that is also very important, Mr Adzhar said our group have the most highest marks currently (I think on the progress la...hehe) because we keep updating the group blog. ;)

And that's for this post. Till then. Chow! ;)

Legendary 6 Donuts

Assalamualaikum readers! Again, we meet. I wanted to tell in this post about the legend of 6 Donuts. I bet you wanna know what is it right? Hehe. Well, just wait till the end of this post. Actually, last night my ibu and my sister came here to meet me, my herbalife team and to do some welness evaluation on my customers. Imported from KL. Hehe. Besides, ibu also told my team about how can we get to be at the supervisor level. Need to work really fast if we wanted to be supervisor next month. 1000PV in 10 days. Can you diggit? Well, nothings impossible. It there's a will, there'll be an opportunity. InsyaAllah.

Last night, about 14 peeps was evaluated and ibu gave some advice what to take as nutrition. The evaluation was done at Astaka until about 1.15 am. Plus Cikma also sign up to become the independent distributor. Not long before we finished there, Ude came with the donuts. Yum, yum! Big Apple donuts. Gomuk la eden lopeh nih. Haha. It's okay because I use herbalife. ;) I sent ibu to Kuantan after that and minum-minum for a while at the Rahath restaurant near Terminal Makmur. After that I went back to UMP and arrived at 3 am in the morning. After I went back to to my room, and ate the Legendary 6 Donuts. Haha. I'm full after that. Can't accept anything more to eat. ;D And this is the Legendary 6 Donuts looks like...

Okay. That's all for this post. Stay tune kay. ;) peace yo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tagged by nad, lela and kecik...aiyoyo

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to tag the person you received it from!

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9. Your hobby?
10. Your fear?
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
12. Where were you last night?
13. Muffins?
14. Wish list item?
15. Where you grew up?
16. Last thing you did?
17. What are you wearing?
18. Your TV?
19. Your pets?
20. Friends?
21. Your life?
22. Your mood?
23. Missing someone?
24. Car?
25. Something you're not wearing?
26. Your favourite store?
27. Your favourite color?
28. When is the last time you laughed?
29. Last time you cried?

30. Who will resend this?
31. One place that I go to over and over?
32. One person who emails me regularly?
33. Favourite place to eat?
34. Why you participated in this survey?
35. What are you doing tonight?

perghh...really hard to find ONE WORD to answer those questions. I'm pleased to tag these peeps >>
1. Anashahira x-sekretariat
2. Bob Solah eXpo'08
3. Kamal PC eXpo'07
4. Nadirah EEES 09
5. Tito Lamat
6. Azeem Mechanical yang tengah LI


SQA mid term test...

Assalamualaikum readers! Last night, I was just taken the SQA mid term test. I tell you what, the test paper was very difficult. Huhu. Even my friends who studied the notes with full concentration also couldn't manage to answer the questions. Then, what about the others who study just a little bit? Huhu. The killer part that really make me lose marks, many marks is question 1 section 2.

The killer part that kills...huhu...20 marks fly~~

I just don't know how to answer. My friend said that it was the calculation part. I blurred for a very long time during the test. The only value that the question gave was 100. I thought if the calculation part came out, theres maybe the tables there. That's more like it. :(

Well, the test passed already. I must keep on moving forward towards the better day, better hours, better minutes, better seconds and better man. :) Let's move forward!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Entrepreneurship seminar

Assalamualaikum readers! How are you all? Hope you're all in very good condition. InsyaAllah. ;) Just now at about 1 am, I and 2 of my business partner arrived here at UMP from KL. The 2 of them are Mat Topo and Abai. We were at KL because we're attending a seminar. I called it entrepreneurship seminar cause the seminar teach you ow to be an entrepreneur, am I right my friend? :) When I said entrepreneur, I meant real business; it's about making money, partnership, opportunity and success. You knew what i meant right. If you don't, you better do. Hehe. I learnt a lot of things from this seminar, in fact, everybody could participate this seminar. If you are curious enough to know about this seminar, let me know okay? I will help you out. I wanted to help others too. :)

After the seminar, later that night we have dinner at the same place. We left the place at 8 pm like that and went to Lowyat Plaza for a while before continuing our journey to Pudu bus station. Our bus was at 9.30 pm from KL. Well, that's all for this post. Hey, do remember to contact me if you're curious enough to know about the seminar. I'll left my contact number at the end of this post later, kay. ;)

One more thing before I forgot, if you wanted to lose weight or gain weight or get rid of the pimples or getting more energy daily or you just wanted to have a healthy life, do not hesitate to contact me also, kay. ;) I just wanted to help you. If it's not you who have those problems, maybe you could suggest anyone who are having those problems to contact me, kay. Let's make our daily life healthier! Thank you for your attention. Stay tune for more exclusively from me, JJ. Peace! ;)

I can be reach through these medium :

Jamil a.k.a JJ

H/P : +6012-2570677, +6013-9224026 (SMS also will be entertained)

e-Mail :,

IM : jay_of_subang (Skype), kamarul18_din (YM)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

PHP mySQL class

Assalamualaikum all! Good day all readers! I'm currently at PHP mySQL class conducted by Zubair, Khalis and Yamin. Zery and Jemin are conducting at FSK 9. Good job la geng! ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jeng, jeng, jeng...

Assalamuaalaikum. This one I took from my Facebook. :)

It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Jamil
2. A four Letter Word : jinx
3. A boy's Name : Johnny
4. A girl's Name : Juju
5. An occupation : janitor
6. A color : jade green ( it! ;D)
7. Something you'll wear: jeans
9. A food : jelly
10. Something found in the bathroom: jacuzzi
11. A place : jail
12. A reason for being late : jalan jem ;P
13. Something you'd shout : Jibonnn!!!!
14. A movie title : Juno
15. Something you drink : juice
16. A musical group : Jinbara
17. An animal : jaws
18. A street name : Jalan Sehala..hehehe
19. A type of car : Jaguar
20. The title of a song : Jezzebelle

That's all folks! ;)

p/s : tagging time! haha

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New barber shop at KK2

Assalamualaikum friends! :) How are you today? I hope ya'll in a very good condition. Last night, I went to Zam's new barber shop at Kolej Kediaman 2. It is located at A13 if I'm not mistaken. I was the first customer, well, I'm actually a test subject for the barber that wanted to do part time there. I have no problem to be a test subject as long as the barber had has an experience in barber world. ;) Jemin also have become the test subject. Haha. It's free. That's all for this post. Enjoy the pictures. ;)

Test subject #1 - normal cut

Skills using the scissor

Bos kedai (Zam, orange shirt) and kuncu-kuncunye...

Test subject #2 - stylish cut...aku xingat ape ke namenye

Very detail

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

After a while...

Assalamualaikum readers! I've been always wanted to do business. The only thing is that I don't know how and where to start. How about you? Do you have the same feeling? If you have, how did you counter the questions? I did counter the questions already. Hehe. Last December, the Genting post one, I went to an entrepreneurship workshop. It's a very good and meaningful workshop you know. The workshop have affected me to have a turning point in my life. Since that day, I've always thinking ways to do business.

When I and my friends gather, we always do some brainstorm how to generate halal income from any type of business as long as it is not broken the Syariah law. Usually, our idea would be like boom and then all of us will start to work on to make our plan a success. Or the output will turn up besides, sometimes. I'm glad to have friends like this who can encourage and give support to each other in order to achieve successfully what have been planned. InsyaAllah, one day we all will be successful entrepreneur. And I still have a milestone to achieve...continuing my master level.

May Allah be with us all. InsyaAllah. :)

P/S : Tugas utama sebagai khalifah Allah tetap wajib dilaksanakan :)

Discussion at 1.30 am

Assalamualaikum guys and girls! Again, how are you today? Fine? Alhamdulillah...may you be fine always. ;) It's Tuesday morning and my class will only start at 11 am today. Hehe. Currently, here at UMP, we got the water crisis again after long time it happened. Last time was last year if I'm not mistaken. Well, sabo je le... I've taken my bath this morning and the water runs slowly but enough to refresh my body. :)

Last night, I went to Abai's home. Mat Topo also was there but he is a bit late lah because he was refilling his printer cartridge. We was gather there at approximately 1.30 am just to discuss and plan what to do for this whole week since we are in the business. Wanna know what business? It's a very good business; Herbalife! We planned who are we going to meet this week. Each of us have our own target and we worked in a group. Means we need to support each other in terms to make this business runs smoothly here. We set several targets to be achieved during this whole semester. We discussed it until almost 4 am in the morning and yet, I'm still not feeling tired but sleepy lah, just sleepy. I felt my energy like never runs out because I could stand there and discussed at 1.30 am until 4 am in the morning. But at last I need to sleep also even for a second. :)

And that's the round up for this post. Well, business is a way to get your income and most importantly, in this business you can share about yourself to other people. Thank you! Peace! ;)

A day at KL...

Assalamualaikum all! How're ya'll? I hope ya'll are in a very good condition, insyaAllah. So, how's your day? Good? Bad? Just like ordinary? It's okay, as long as you have something to do during your day. :) Last Sunday, I went to Kuala Lumpur with 2 of my friends; Mat Topo and Abai. We departed from UMP at 8.30 am with Transnasional bus. Our objective was to go to see the testimonial of peoples who are successful in their life since taking Herbalife product. Mat Topo and Abai also took it, just started for a week and 2 days. Me also la kan of course, if not how can I promote the product to them. ;)

We arrived at Pekeliling bus station at 11.30 am. Then we took the monorel from Titiwangsa station to the Imbi station. The event was held at Berjaya Times Square, level 14. We arrived there at almost 12.15 pm like that and the testimonial session was over. The only left was the training part. We were not entering the training that day due to the economic crysis. Hehe. But luckily, we were introduced by ibu to some of the sucessful person in this business. Very impressive! We were there until 2.30 pm like that before we moved to Lowyat Plaza to buy some comuter thingy things that've been ordered by our friends.

We went back up again to Berjaya Times Square at 6.00 pm like that before we depart to Wangsa Maju. Mamat said that we could wait at the Wangsa Maju Putra LRT station for him to pick us up. While waiting for Mamat, we ate at the mamak restaurant there. Lapo gilerr beb...huhu. Mamat came later after we finished our meal. Then, Mamat told us that he can't go back with us and let us drive the car all the way to UMP. So, the three of us went back to UMP by driving Mamat's car. That's the story of the whole thing happened on Sunday. Well, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for more. ;) Peace!

Friday, February 06, 2009

My new jersey~~

Assalamualaikum all! Just to show you my new jersey. Just bought it for my 3BCS batch. Smart eyh? ;)

77 : Suburbanzero

At first, I wanted to have no 18 which is my favorite number in football. Unfortunately, the number was booked. Then I asked for 99, 00 and 88. All are unavailable. Damn. Huhu. Lastly, I picked number 77. Blasah je la ye dok. Hehe.

That's for this post. Jangan mara haa..

Stay tuned! Peace ;)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Amanat Tahunan Naib Canselor 2009 : "Engineering, Technology, Creativity : Memaknakannya Bagi Sebuah Universiti Berfokus"

Assalamualaikum readers! This morning I joined an event named Amanat Tahunan Naib Canselor 2009. It's like a new year speech to all UMP-ians from the university top management. The speech is titled "Engineering, Technology, Creativity : Memaknakannya Bagi Sebuah Universiti Berfokus". The speech is presented by our own Vice Chancellor of course, Y.H. Dato' Prof. Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim. The speech was about one hour plus minus like that. The speech is about our university motto which is Engineering, Technology and Creativity. The VC speech was all about it, the meaning, the history, the story behind the words and so on. It took about almost one hour and the students besides me felt asleep many times. Haha. Well, that's normal la kan. ;) VC also gives some advises to all UMP-ians.

I as usual, if I have lost my concentration for some while I'll play with my camera. Haha. Shoot photo here and there even candid. ;P There's 2 big screen that shows the whole event. Even Ammerz also was captured in the big screen. Then I suke-suki SMS-ing him to tell him that he was on the big screen. Haha. Don't mara-mara haa... ;) The screen also showed Aman PTMK and the gang chit-chat. Borak kencang semacam je. Haha. That's all about it. I hope all UMP-ians can take at least some knowledge from the speech. See the positive side. :) Until then, stay tuned for next post. Peace! ;)

P/S : Continuing of this event, an article was published by Utusan Malaysia dated 3 February 2009. What an article. Phew!

I'm 22 years old now...and my journey continues...

Assalamualaikum and good morning all! I just arrived from Subang Jaya this 1.30 am in the morning and going back to my room at about 3 am just now. Well, I introduced 2 friends - Abai and Mat Topo; with my ibu because they bought Herbalife through me. My ibu can tell more about the product cause I'm new. Hehe. My ibu also briefly told what's related to the product an so on lah. That's why I went into my room late. If you wanted to know more, contact me lah. I left my e-mail and so on at the 'Own Ads' section, okay. ;)

I'm 22 years old now. My birthday is yesterday, 1st February, in fact the day is also Wilayah Day. So, KL peeps holiday lah kan. Happy Wilayah Day to KL-ians. ;) I celebrated my birthday with my ibu je cause my sisters, both of them were going to Port Dickson holiday-ing with my ayah from Saturday until Monday. I can't follow cause Saturday I went to buy the product and went to Lowyat Plaza to buy something for me and for some friends' computer thingy things. It's okay, next time ade lagi I'll follow, okay. ;)

The most common birthday celebration for me is going out to makan whether have birthday cake or no birthday cake. Birthday cake is not everything lah kan even though cake usually related with cake. The important thing is I get older and wishes from family, friends and others if applicable. ;) Night before 1st February, I and my ibu went to Sunway Pyramid. We went to eat at Subway, the restaurant that serves the long bread one lah. If you don't know, just Google, okay. ;) I ate the 6-inch I don't know what the meal name, but it's the bread with the chicken, salads and bla, bla, bla inside them. Then, ibu brought me to J.Co, the donut place. I ate about 4 and a half donuts. Another half, cannot go lah. Full already. After that, we went back.

On Sunday, I woke up early. My handphone kept playing the message tone. It shows that I have a new message. In fact, the night before after 12 am, I got birthday wish message already from my sisters. For the whole day total, I got 7 wishes at my Celcom, 13 wishes at my Maxis, 19 wishes at my Facebook, 16 wishes at my Friendster and 10 wishes at my Skype. Thank you all for your wishes and supports. ;) And I got I phone call from I don't recognize whose number is it, I'm really sorry cause that time I was a bit sleepy. Jangan mara haa...nanti cepat tua. ;) Again, thank you for all wishes. I continue my story okay. Not finished yet.

At noon, I went out with ibu going for lunch at J.M. Bariani. Located in SS18 Subang Jaya. It's been a long time I have not been there. Their bariani was the best you know. Don't believe me, go try for yourself, okay. ;) After lunch, we move to Sunway Pyramid. Sunway Pyramid lagi...blasah je lah. Hehe. This time we went there to watch movie. We watched the new movie, starred by Apek and Nabil Raja Lawak titled Sifu & Tongga. I recommended you to watch this movie., an, an... ;P After that we head back home to rest, packing up my things cause I'll be going back to UMP that night; that's was just now lah.

And that's wrapped up the post. Sorry, no pictures lah cause my battery kong. Huhu. Until then, stay tuned for more. Peace! ;)

If you're interested and serious to lose weight or gain weight or maintain weight and get healthy with Herbalife, feel free to fill in your particular. Thank you.

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