Saturday, February 21, 2009

KFC + Big Apple = ???

Assalamualaikum all! How was your day? Hope it's alright. :) Today is the last day for lecture in this week and next Monday, the routine of lecture will begin again and again and again. That's life in campus for an ordinary student. For extraordinary student, their life is not just rotating around the routine but also he/she can go to any direction as wished; right, left, up, down, zigzag, back and forth and others. You know what I mean right? If you don't know, please go ask your roomie, okay. :)

Today evening, I, Mat Topo and Abai went out to Kuantan because I wanted to deposit money to my ibu and Topo wanted to buy the bus ticket to KL. While I went to deposit the money, Abai and Topo went to the hospital parking to distribute the fliers there. Hehe. After that, Topo went to Maybank to deposit money also. Next we went to Terminal Makmur for a while to buy the KL bus ticket. Later after that, we went to Stika Point to inquire about the price of printing fliers sized 4R. The manager asked us to came back next Monday.

Well, we went to eat after that. We ate at KFC because of Abai. He started to mention about it. Haha. Ambik ko, kempunan sangat... ;P After finish eating, we went to solat maghrib and went back to UMP. Later that night, Fani SMS me to meet her because she wanted to give me the Big Apple donuts. Donut lagi..hehe. Alhamdulillah, this week I get 2 half dozen of Big Apple donuts; last one was on Wednesday. See my previous post. ;) Unlike last time, this time I ate the donuts with Khalis and the gang at his house. Can't handle half dozen by myself la. Hehe. Hey, I'm taking herbalife. KFC + Big Apple = no problem...insyaAllah :) And that's wrapped up for this post. Stay tune. Zrassss!


Dyat said...

herbalife... produk kesihatan ye?
bagus la muda-muda perlu jaga kesihatan...

kawan skolah aku 2 orang diabetes sudah... haruslah kita menjaga kesihatan.. hoho

Suburbanzero said...

yerp...ko tau ke dyat pasal herbalife? ko mesti tau nye kan sbb aku dgr dak kimia ramai pkai produk tu...

~FaNieKa~ said...

haha...dengki ngan ko
sbb tuh kasi ko mkn donut
lama ak berjanji
br s'rang dpt tunaikan
sorry yekk....
len kali tlg lagi aku
then blanje lg

Suburbanzero said...

huahuahua...tq fani
len kali ko kne makan herbalife plak
baru la bertambah cun

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