Monday, February 02, 2009

Amanat Tahunan Naib Canselor 2009 : "Engineering, Technology, Creativity : Memaknakannya Bagi Sebuah Universiti Berfokus"

Assalamualaikum readers! This morning I joined an event named Amanat Tahunan Naib Canselor 2009. It's like a new year speech to all UMP-ians from the university top management. The speech is titled "Engineering, Technology, Creativity : Memaknakannya Bagi Sebuah Universiti Berfokus". The speech is presented by our own Vice Chancellor of course, Y.H. Dato' Prof. Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim. The speech was about one hour plus minus like that. The speech is about our university motto which is Engineering, Technology and Creativity. The VC speech was all about it, the meaning, the history, the story behind the words and so on. It took about almost one hour and the students besides me felt asleep many times. Haha. Well, that's normal la kan. ;) VC also gives some advises to all UMP-ians.

I as usual, if I have lost my concentration for some while I'll play with my camera. Haha. Shoot photo here and there even candid. ;P There's 2 big screen that shows the whole event. Even Ammerz also was captured in the big screen. Then I suke-suki SMS-ing him to tell him that he was on the big screen. Haha. Don't mara-mara haa... ;) The screen also showed Aman PTMK and the gang chit-chat. Borak kencang semacam je. Haha. That's all about it. I hope all UMP-ians can take at least some knowledge from the speech. See the positive side. :) Until then, stay tuned for next post. Peace! ;)

P/S : Continuing of this event, an article was published by Utusan Malaysia dated 3 February 2009. What an article. Phew!

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