Monday, February 16, 2009

Entrepreneurship seminar

Assalamualaikum readers! How are you all? Hope you're all in very good condition. InsyaAllah. ;) Just now at about 1 am, I and 2 of my business partner arrived here at UMP from KL. The 2 of them are Mat Topo and Abai. We were at KL because we're attending a seminar. I called it entrepreneurship seminar cause the seminar teach you ow to be an entrepreneur, am I right my friend? :) When I said entrepreneur, I meant real business; it's about making money, partnership, opportunity and success. You knew what i meant right. If you don't, you better do. Hehe. I learnt a lot of things from this seminar, in fact, everybody could participate this seminar. If you are curious enough to know about this seminar, let me know okay? I will help you out. I wanted to help others too. :)

After the seminar, later that night we have dinner at the same place. We left the place at 8 pm like that and went to Lowyat Plaza for a while before continuing our journey to Pudu bus station. Our bus was at 9.30 pm from KL. Well, that's all for this post. Hey, do remember to contact me if you're curious enough to know about the seminar. I'll left my contact number at the end of this post later, kay. ;)

One more thing before I forgot, if you wanted to lose weight or gain weight or get rid of the pimples or getting more energy daily or you just wanted to have a healthy life, do not hesitate to contact me also, kay. ;) I just wanted to help you. If it's not you who have those problems, maybe you could suggest anyone who are having those problems to contact me, kay. Let's make our daily life healthier! Thank you for your attention. Stay tune for more exclusively from me, JJ. Peace! ;)

I can be reach through these medium :

Jamil a.k.a JJ

H/P : +6012-2570677, +6013-9224026 (SMS also will be entertained)

e-Mail :,

IM : jay_of_subang (Skype), kamarul18_din (YM)


mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

what kind of business?

Suburbanzero said...

healthcare...interested to know more? just YM me...I'll brief about it

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