Thursday, February 19, 2009

Software Project Management a.k.a SPM

Assalamualaikum all! Just now, I was just finished my group meeting with the lecturer, Mr Adzhar K. The meeting is actually about our project progress in Software Project Management subject. The subject where we apply all our knowledge on software project management, how to develop a system, how to manage the team and time. Basically, it's all about software engineering skills. The meeting was going through very good. Even though there are some unanswered question. Hehe. Well, that's life. :) But the most important thing is my team members.

Thank you for your co-operation (Kak Wani, CG, Ida, Kayown, Nik, Athirah, Bob) during the meeting even though Bob always not present in the previous meeting, but he still concern about the project and the team. And one thing that is also very important, Mr Adzhar said our group have the most highest marks currently (I think on the progress la...hehe) because we keep updating the group blog. ;)

And that's for this post. Till then. Chow! ;)

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