Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PSM on progress..

Assalamualaikum readers! Currently, I'm working on my PSM a.k.a final year project for degree student. The system named Astaka Event Layout Design Suggestion System (ELDSS); the acronym is temporarily like that, maybe I'll find a better acronym for it later or maybe I'm not (hahaha...). The system is an online application form to use the Astaka for any activity pusposes. Usually, in UMP, the applicants are students, lecturers and staffs. The main function is when applicants need to select the event layout design template that is stored in the database. The event layout design is actually the floor plan of the event, how the chairs, tables, rostrums, panel board, sofas and others logistic requirements are arranged.

The template is taken from the manual form cause in the manual way, the applicants need to sketch and draw it themselves (plus thinking how would the arrangements look like) and submit it with the application form. Sounds quite many work isn't it? Well, what about if you have the template and just select it, later if u wanted to do some adjustment its up to you lah kan, and then submit it online. No need to sketch and draw it yourself. Easy isn't it?

Well, it maybe not the best solution from me but maybe its useful, aite? Here I display the main page snapshot of the system. Still need improvements! Haha. ;)


FaHim aL said...

Nape nmpk cm buruk jek system ko?

Suburbanzero said...

tu yg aku nk dgr la cdgn ngok. ;P

~TOMATO BLUR~ said...

how to pronounce suburbanzero..?what is it mean ya..?

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