Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just some statistics...

Assalamualaikum readers! This post just want to show some statistics. Well, I just sign up as nuffnangers last week. Huhu. It's very late aite? It's okay.

The graph is bell shaped. Ups and downs.

Views and unique visitor numbers of last week. Well, not bad. Haha.

Just read the captions. ;) (if it's not clear, click at the picture to maximize it).

Haha.That's all! Stay tune. ;)


bd fabregas said...

mmmm, max visitor aku pn 20 aribln.. nape eee??
wah, dua2 blog aku dlm top 5 referrer..

athirah said...

aikk... nape kat i xkuar date pon.. huk huk huk....... tngi ke earning??

Suburbanzero said...

aik...xkuar ke...huhu...earning xder lagi...baru je lg pn

athirah said...

wah... tp rmi tol org... ngeh3...
skang dh bape?? ble lg?

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