Monday, December 24, 2012

Lose To Win Season 1 winner

 Winner for Season 1 is Khairul Mizan. It was announced early this month during the finale at our coach place in Taman Samudera, Batu Caves.

 Of course the RM1000 cash is his. Congratulations boss!

My other contestant, Syafiq also won third prize and bag himself RM250 cash. Congratulations Syafiq! Congratulations both of you guys. Proud of yourself. It's the matter of putting small effort into action and the result will be yours. Believe in yourself.

Khairul also now is a Senior Consultant and have already start his coaching career part time. 

Wanna be part of us? Call/sms/whatsapp 012-2570677 Jamil

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Spectacular 2013

Spectacular 2013, the biggest Herbalife event in Malaysia is just around the corner. 15,000 people will gather for this event. Are you coming with us?

My 1st Zero2Hero

Assalamualaikum beloved readers,

It's been sometimes eyh. Finally, I went to my first Zero2Hero. It is an event of "How to do Herbalife". Well, basically from the event we can learn all DMOs (daily method of operation) of how we can start doing Herbalife, means how to get your customers. There they detailed out more about the DMOs.Simple say, if you're serious in the business this is a must go event no matter what. There's a distributor that even postponed their marriage to attend this event. Amazing isn't it. Because Herbalife is for our life. As long as we live, insyaAllah.

I just wanted to share some of my experience on this very first Zero2Hero of mine. The excitement was wow, can't be describe by words actually. Very positive environment surrounding us with a total of almost 3500 peoples gathered for this event. The event was held for two days from 17 to 18 November 2012. I came with my family and we bring 3 people this time. On the first day, I learn about why Herbalife. I wanted to strengthen my why in Herbalife. 20k Exec Pres Team Ibu Dame from Indonesia really touches my heart with her stories and her awesome spirit. Her speech was motivational too as always. I met her once in the last event called Extravaganza 2012 in Singapore. In this event I met her again. Wonderful. On the first day also I learned more on the product which I didn't get in normal STS.

That day at night, we had a dinner themed "Black & Diamond". Everybody had fun of course. :) 2nd day and the final day for the event, I learnt about the DMO's of how we can do Herbalife. Even though most of it I've practice it but still I need to sharpen those DMO besides adding up more from what I've already applied now. Well, it was full of information and very beneficial to those who wanted to do Herbalife as part time or full time career. Next Zero2Hero will be on early next year. So guys, be prepared! You'll never regret to come to this event. If you wanted to do Herbalife business, trust me, never fail to attend all events. Bring your friends, customers, guests to those events too because a lot of ear heard better than a pair or ours. That's all I think. Have a nice day. :)

~ No one can succeed before going through the pain because that's the rule of the game.~

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