Monday, October 27, 2008

New banner up!

Assalamualaikum! Hi! Well guys, as I've mentioned earlier about the banner and there was it. Drop your comments guys. I really appreciate it. Thanks for your support. :)

Hard Disk crash : just buried it and get yourself a new one

Assalamualaikum and Hi! A very good Sunday to all. Yesterday night, I got SMS from Achik, she mentioned that her laptop couldn't start and keep giving message "A disk read error occurred, press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt to restart." So, I Skype Due to ask him what is the message about. He replied that the hard disk crashed. Means, hardware error and you need to change your hard disk la dey. That one can't use anymore. I told achik the same thing and today she gave me to see it for myself. I asked Due whether the data can be recovered or not. He said it can be recoved but if your lucky.

So after I took Achik's laptop, I started it first. Confirmed. The message appeared. The next thing I do was I took out the hard disk and attached it to my external hard disk USB connector. I asked Achik before that whether the laptop still have warranty or not. She said no, because it's old already. Then, I tried to browse from my laptop to see whether the hard disk can be detected or not. Unfortunately, it can't. Then, I tried to search for software that maybe can help. Ahha. Found it but it was the demo version. The software named RecoveryFix for Windows. It can detect physical and logical devices that attached to the computer. Now I can detect the hard disk but I can't recover the data because the demo version didn't allow us to save the recovered data. Aiyo. Nevermind, at least I know that data from a crash hard disk can be recovered.

I read about the reason why this happens. Hard disk crashes usually occurs for the following reasons:
  1. Power surges
  2. Software Corruption or Malfunction
  3. Hardware or system failure
  4. Natural calamities
  5. User errors
Original source is here. I also recommended this article titled Hardware Tips : Surviving a Disk Crash--a Checklist. I get it from PC World. Well, that's all for now. The conclusion is, get yourself a new hard disk if this happens to you and don't forget to always do backup especially your very, very important files, okay. Due told me that advice. Thanks dude.

Finally, I've changed it

Alhamdulillah...finally, I managed to changed my blog looks. ;) Actually, I wanted to do so many days back but it's the matter of time. This early morning, I have a Skype conversation with Zery regarding changing blog skin. Here are the conversation :

[1:07:00 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: aku pn sedang carik template juga
[1:07:11 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: tp kn kalo kita letak template baru
[1:07:22 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: widget2 kita sume ilang ka?
[1:07:59 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ya
[1:08:09 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: memang tidak boleh dielakkan
[1:08:14 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: so kalau mau tukar template
[1:08:21 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ko backup dulu semua widget ko
[1:08:45 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: klu mcm aku, widget aku mostly html/javascript jak
[1:09:03 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: so aku cuma perlu copy-paste dlm satu text file jak
[1:10:12 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: ooo
[1:10:24 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: kalau mcm list2 blog tu
[1:10:58 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: tu susah sikit
[1:11:09 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ko pki link list kan?
[1:11:20 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: bukan mcm aku, pki bloglist
[1:11:54 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: klu bloglist mcm aku, keluar ikon, nama blog, dan title post terkini
[1:13:22 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: aah
[1:13:25 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: link list
[1:13:46 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: mungkin ambil masa la ye kot
[1:13:53 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ko kena backup la dlm notepad
[1:13:58 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: klu ko mau senang
[1:14:03 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: dkt dashboard ko
[1:14:14 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: kan ada "follow blog"
[1:14:22 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ko letak semua blog dorang tu situ
[1:14:30 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: nnt lepas ko tukar template
[1:14:44 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ko add bloglist nyer widget, bukan link list
[1:15:17 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: kebaikan widget bloglist adalah ko boleh add list blog dari blog2 yg ko follow
[1:15:23 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: ada kt dashboard
[1:15:26 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: itu yg aku tau la
[1:15:37 AM] Bui Bui Nake Bui Bui (zery) says: further info aku google jak pun
[1:16:54 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: bha
[1:16:56 AM] ...:| JaMiLuLhAkIm |:...™ says: tq

And that's the end of it. After I woke up this morning, this idea came out, "Hey, why don't I change my blog skin now?" And then, I backup my current template and all the widgets. Next, I searched the blog template through Google. I'm looking for just a simple one. I went pass this website named BTemplates. At first, I type keyword "urban" to see what's the template look like. Oh...not too simple. Then I clicked the label "Red". Maybe I'll found something in it. Walla. I've found it. Just nice. And the process of transforming into new skin begun. The results, this is my blog new look. ;) Thanks again to BTemplates for this simple skin. Don't forget to drop your comments, okay. Peace!

P/S: I'm currently working on the banner. :)

Just a quick one...En. Sahli's open house

Assalamualaikum gang! I almost forgot to write about one open house that I went last Friday evening. It's En. Sahli's open house. I went there with Kak Fatin, Kak Ila, Yaie and Aine. Well, these girls actually asked me to be their driver. If not maybe I don't know how am I gonna be there. Hehe. We depart from UMP at about 4.30 pm like that. His house was near the Kuantan Bypass road.

When I arrive there, I saw Jemin and the gang, his direct entry gang. And then I saw Chemical student also. Her wife is the FKKSA's lecturer. No wonder Akak, Syafa, Abu Zar, Ammar and others Chemical-ians was there. Hehe. My PA, En. Fadli was also there. When I shake hands with him, he said "Janggo" while looking at me and En. Sahli. Aiyark. He knew it already. I just smiled back at him. Hehe. He evaluates Zery's PSM 1. Nevermind. ;)

I only saw Cikma and others later. She wore white shirt. I think I saw Suksis peeps running around that evening wearing that shirt. Hurm. Xmandi ke hah? Hehe. I ate the rice once only because later that night I got futsal. I also bantai ice cream rounds while waiting the girls to finish. ;P After that I accompanied them to Kuatan Parade. I think that's all lah. Chiow! ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rain : Bless or Disaster?

Assalamualaikum my friends. Today is Sunday and currently it's raining very heavily. Just a short one. What is rain? Rain is not the singer named Rain. According to rain is defined as water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops. The question here is rain, is it a bless or a disaster? Can you answer? From my opinion, it could be both according to situation. Usually, rain is a bless from Allah. Rain washes everything away like our tear drops during solah or munajat to Him. It's washes away our sins and become our wall against hell fire. Like in certain desert country, it's seldom raining. Like in Pahang, the final quarter of the year is the raining season. It's called musim tengkujuh (wet season).

During this whole week also, it been raining almost everyday in the evening. It also reminds me of last year's disaster that happened in Pahang. The flood. It's really heavy one. The flood happened in the middle of December 2007. I can remember that time, it was 2 weeks raining non-stop. Just the level of rain heaviness that changed. The results, Pekan became the most affected area. This is what heppened when rain became a disaster. Besides that, we must think and see what's the cause. Maybe it's because of our own mistakes. Everyday people made mistakes. Nobody perfect aite? Maybe there's messages that Allah wanted to tell us through it. What ever it is, we must learn from it.

That's all for this post. Kids, don't play in the rain cause later you'll get fever. Then your mama will scold at you. Kan dah nyusahkan orang. Peace! ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daytona at Megamall carpark

Assalamualaikum again all! And a very good day. Today, my whole body felt very tired because of last night. Futsal of course. But it's okay, I'm very used to it. Hehe. Well, today I went out with all the participants that will go to Phuket with me next week except CikD and Suffi. I went out at 10.30 am like that because well, I just woke up at 10 am when I heard somebody called me on my Sony Ericsson W200i handphone. It's Cikma who called me. We went there with 2 cars. The girls one car and the boys one car. The boy's car went to Megamall directly while the girls went to the bus terminal for a while, I don't know what they were doing there. ;)

As we arrived there, we met them at the Megamall's Atrium 1. First thing we do was change the money at the money changer. We changed it from Ringgit Malaysia to Thai Baht. I borrowed RM53 from Sazwan, RM3 each Izzah and RM1 from Izyannisa' to complete the RM107 because the money changer man only had 1000 Thai Baht. Now, I have 1000 Thai Baht, but Anjang have 3000 Thai Baht. Damn rich meh... Hehe. Thai's currency were smaller than Malaysia's.

Next we went to KFC to eat because we all were hungry that time. I ate the KFC chicken rice as usual but this time without the soup (I took 4 spoons of Ude's suop after that...hehe). Alhamdulillah, I think that's my meal for today. Tonight I still not eat yet because I don't know what to eat. ;) Maybe after this if the cafe is still open. After we all finished our meal, all of us spread to go where ever we want. Sazwan then went to Pizza Hut to buy pizza for his friend. I and Izzat Don followed him there. After he ordered and pay for it, we went to the Popular bookstores near there. I bought stepler bullet because I'm out of it. Next we went to Parkson. Izzat Don wanted to hole his belt there. I also wanted to hole my belt after he mentioned that. Sazwan is wandering around searching for slack. I'm just walk around the place while waiting for him to finish.

Suddenly, Ude called. He said that their car couldn't start and was asking for our help. Then I told Izzat Don and Sazwan about it and we went up to the carpark. We arrived there not long after that. Then, we looked and checked what's happened. But no results due to our lack of knowledge in cars including that mechanical boy. Haha. I called Uteh and he said he also will be going to Megamall anyhow. Cikma called the mechanic and the he also will come. The guard there also came to help what he can. Then, the other guard came and checked the car to see what's happen. He said maybe the battery problems. Then he suggested to pull the car. We pulled the car but still can't start. After we tried that, we sit in the car to wait for the mechanic to come.

Suddenly, Uteh and the gang appeared. Hah, the automotif guys. Maybe they can help. Uteh also told that maybe the battery problems. Then Uteh told us to pull the car. Pull again? Nevermind, just pull. We pulled the car many times but the results still can't start. Uteh said it's like playing Daytona when he was inside the car while others pulling it. Haha. After multiple tries, we the boys went to the surau to solat Zuhur. Cikma and other girls waited there.

After solat, we were been told that the car owner came and the girls were going back with another car. So, we don't have to go there anymore. The three of us then went down to pick up the pizza that Sazwan ordered earlier. The pizza must have been cold. Hehe. Next, we went to Watson to buy something. Unexpectedly, I met Bob Solah at the Megamall. He went out with the diploma boys. After that, we went back to UMP. We stopped by Giant for a while because the girls said there were there. As we looked for parking, Sazwan told me that the girls told him that they already went back. Okay then, I drove out from the parking lot and went straight back. Then, Sazwan suddenly laughing himself because he said the girls said that were still there. *Dush!*

There was it for today. See again in the next post. Chiow! ;)

Futsal again after one month

Asslamualaikum and a very good day all! I remembered my old days back in Subang Jaya with my friends. We played futsal together like once a week. Usually weekends because we don't have class on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes we played in the evening and most times at night. Our place of favourite was Rio de Futsal, Sport Planet SJ & Sunway and the one inside The Summit one which I didn't know the name. And the tradition was, after we finished playing futsal which usually at night, we went to any mamak stall to relax and chit chat plus drinking and eating. After done eating and all that, then we went home to sleep. Hehe. I miss that days. Well, we still have missions to accomplish in life. ;)

Last night and the night before, I went to play futsal with the MPP gang. On the night before, we played against MSP dudes. 5 on 5 non-stop without substitute in an hour. My team members was Alang, Ayie, Awe and Adik. The MSP team was played by Zulhasnan, Zulfahmi, Abg Najib MPP 05/06, Tharmizi and Jukimi Joni. Finally, we beat them after we keep scoring each other. Hehe. I don't know the actual figure but we won with 20 plus goals. ;) I managed to scored 4 goals. Hehe. I like my second goal, half volley from the left side of the field. I volleyed the ball with my right leg. :) It's been a long time not scoring like that. Chewah! ;P We played at the IM mutipurpose hall. The place is new actually and have 4 pitches. After the game, we went to mamak stall near Megamall to eat, drink, chit chat and others. We overnight outside that night. I felt a bit tired after that but not as tired as before.

Last night, again I went out again to play futsal. This time, Alang and Adik didn't join us because Adik wanted to hear the forum and Alang wanted to recover his tired first. So, it's me, Awe and Ayie. We came back to UMP after the game, not like the night before where we overnight. Awe bring along Osman to play for our team. This time we against the post grad students. Abg Najib was one of them. As we played for 30 minutes, suddenly the place was black out. The black out was about 5 minutes like that. After the light back on, Abg Najib asked us to mix the old man with the young man. Ngeh3. But seriously, I felt tired. Damn tired. Maybe because yesterday's tired still have. Maybe lar. This time, I was unable to produce any goals. Just sweat and tired. Nevermind, I still enjoy the game. Hehe. Chances to score also I coudn't manage to put the ball into the net. Aiyo. Maybe next time. InsyaAllah.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The MPP UMP 2008/2009 session's cabinet

Assalamualaikum and good day. This is just to share about the new MPP UMP cabinet after they settled their watikah pelantikan on 22 October 2008. Here are the cabinet list :

1.Yang DiPertua
Mohamad Suffi bin Kamari
2.Timbalan Yang DiPertua
Mohd ‘Afif bin Abd Aziz
3.Naib Yang DiPertua 1
Nik Aimie Farah binti Nik Azhan
4.Naib Yang DiPertua 2
Nur Izzah binti Zakaria
Noor Izyannisa’ binti Sarjuni
Muhammad ‘Izzat bin Saidon
7.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kebajikan
Nur Hidayah binti Maslan
8.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Akademik & Intelektual
Lim Min Siang
9.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Insan & Komuniti
Wan Nor Hafizah binti Wan Abd Talib
10.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Penyelidikan & Tugas-Tugas Khas
Shahrul Afzam bin Mohamad
11.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perhubungan Awam & Antarabangsa
Sazwan bin Sahar
12.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Informasi & Penerbitan
Norizan binti Syahnan
13.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perpaduan & Kebudayaan
Naeem bin Zulkifle
14.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Sukan & Rekreasi
Annuar bin Abdullah
15.Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Keusahawanan & Kerjaya
Muhammad Adib bin Mahmud

I hope the new MPP will better than before. InsyaAllah. That's all. Thank you for viewing. ;)

Semester 1 2008/2009 : The end of it...

Assalamualaikum my friends. Today is the last day of semester 1 2008/2009. Alhamdulillah. I just closed another chapter of my life here at UMP. There's still another one semester to go here...insyaAllah...then, I'll be continuing my life outside the campus starting with industrial attachment in semester 1 next session. I felt like, "Ooh..I will be here not long enough." That's the future story. Now, I have another semester to go here. I have to do it all out this time since I have more free time now than previously. This evening, I have my last test. Mandarin test. Alhamdulillah. I managed to finished the test even though I can't answer the sentences construction in the last part which require me to answer it in Hanzi character. Alahai~~

This morning, UMP were having the Majlis Hari Raya at our new sports complex. Each of the PTJ (department) of UMP opened their stall that serves foods, drinks, ice creams and many more. The MPP peeps also opened a stall. They serves the murtabak. I was unable to taste it. Huhu. I ate nasi minyak from JHEPA stall, ice cream from Bendahari stall and cendol, I didn't remember whose stall is that. Hehe. I also took some pictures.

I was there until 12.10 am like that because I, Azam and Nizam was planning to present our AI group project that evening during En. Sahli's class. Unfortunately, he wasn't there in the class. So, we went to his office but also he wasn't there. Azam then tried to get En. Sahli's phone number from friends. Suddenly, En. Wan Syahrir appeared. Azam asked him if he has En. Sahli's phone number. Azam followed him to his office to get the number. Alhamdulillah, we get the number. Azam called En. Sahli but his phone then was out of battery. Aiseyman. Then, he used my phone to contact En. Sahli. He said at 3 pm we can present the project at his office. And we came to his office at 3 pm to present the project. Well, it's not really like a presentation because we only show him the source code and the program that our group have done. He said okay. Then, En. Sahli asked us to email the source code to him. Alhamdulillah.

Now, only final exam awaits. I'll do my best in the final. InsyaAllah. Good luck to all in final exam! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our last MPP program : Majlis Penghargaan Kerjasama MPP 2008

Assalamualaikum dear readers. How's your day? I hope it's better than ever. InsyaAllah. :) Last Saturday night, I attended an event. Actually, I was the program committee. The program was named as in the title. The program was to appreciate all that have given their cooperation during our time as MPP. We invited representatives from Department of Student Affairs & Alumni (JHEPA), Information Communication & Technology Center (PTMK), Department of Development & Asset Management (JPPH), Security Division (Keselamatan), student's clubs & associations, MPP 2008/2009 and the secretariat of MPP 2007/2008. The event was held at Block W open space.

Even though that night most of our guests (students) have tests, the event runs as planned. During the event, an unexpected accident occurred. You wanna know what? There was a trip. Electric current trip. So, half of the open space was darkened without lamp. We tried to on the switch in the fius box but the trip happened again and again. Until Pak Cik Hasan came, he helped us out. Alhamdulillah, the lamp is on again. :) But the accident didn't stopped the event. With our professionalism in handling technical occurrence like this was proved during the accident. Hehe. :P

The event went well until the end. I think my multimedia slideshow is not a good slideshow because it length 8 minutes like that. A good multimedia slideshow length about 4-6 minutes only. That's what I think because if too long, the audience will be boring. I hope to do it much better & improved next time. I think that's all for this post. Just a short one about our last activity. See you on another post. Chow! ;)

Alhamdulillah...PSM 1 presentation : Done! & Phuket???

Assalamualaikum all readers! We meet again in another post of mine. ;) It's Thursday, last day of lecture even though I don't have lectures at all. But I still have Mandarin test this evening. Yesterday was the day I've waited for. My PSM presentation day. Alhamdulillah, all was well. :) You wanna know about the slide presentation? I started doing the slide in the morning before the presentation took place in the evening. I just refer my document and transferred it into my slide. Well, just took the points only. I was the last presenter today. Just after Khalis finished his presentation at about 4.30 pm, the evaluator asked me to setup the slideshow. FYI, my evaluator was En. Aziman (my multimedia lecturer; this semester) and Pn. Awanis (my HCI lecturer; last semester).

En. Aziman came out with the simpler way to done my project. Instead of asking the system to draw the layout design, we can use the template of the layout design and user can select the template based on the criteria input by user. There's many more. After this I'll start the survey as soon as possible to suppport my document and system development. Supposed I had done it earlier. Aish. Well, still have some time to repair my document before my I finish next semester.

There's another story before I presented my PSM yesterday. Just before I finished doing my slideshow. That time was almost 12 noon. Suddenly, Uteh called for the first time. Aik. That's wierd. Mabuk ka pa dia ni? Hehe. He called me and asked when will my exam start. I told him that my exam will start on the 3rd of November until 12 November. That's the first call. Not long after that, he called again. He asked me to replace him to go to somewhere. You know where? It's Phuket. ;) I love going places you know. Then he told me to bring photostate IC and 2 passport sized pictures. I asked when and where to give that thing. He said now (that time was 12 noon...urgh) ang give it to En. Saha at his office. I just said okay. No problemo.

I left my room at 12.45 pm like that to see En. Saha. When I went up, I saw others passport sized pictures. Aiya. Mine was not the same size as theirs. Sazwan MPP also was there at that time. Then, En. Saha told that we must go to the immigration office that afternoon. That time I was wondering, what will happen if I can't be here in time because I will present my PSM that evening. Huhu. En. Saha said it's fine, he'll bring along his car. I said okay. That afternoon after Zohor, Sazwan came to my room to print his pictures also. I suit up myself with formal attire because after I come back to UMP later I can directly go to the presentation place.

So, we went to the immigration office at 1.45 pm like that. Arrived there about 15 minutes later. The girls were taking their pictures there for the passport, of course. Then, En. Saha asked who wanted to be the head of delegation. Cikma directly pointed to me. Ceit. Then the others also. I said to En. Saha to give it to Sazwan but was rejected. Aiyo. Okay lah, I took it. After all of us filled up the form and all that, we waited to stamp our thumb print at the form. I told En. Saha that I need to went back to UMP because it was 3.30 pm. I'm afraid I wiil late to present. Huhu. So, En. Saha gave his car key to me. I went back with Cikma; she have suksis, Sazwan; assignment not yet done and Izzat Don (this was the name Sazwan called him) the MPP also.

On the way back, it's raining. Before we reach Gambang, there was no rain. But after we enter UMP, nah... It's raining quite heavily. I thing I need to borrow En. Saha's car to go to Block X, my presentation place. I went directly to Block X after sending Cikma to her suksis troop and those 2 MPPs to their office. Alhamdulillah, I made it in time. ;)

Well, that's the story for this post. There's another post about the night before next. Stay tuned. ;) Peace no war.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last day of my puasa 6 for this year...

Assalamualaikum dear readers. The day is Friday. Just another hours to go before entering Saturday. This day, I felt so full. Don't know why. I just have 2 class only today which sums 2 hours, not even 2 hours full actually. This morning, Software Testing lab started at 9 am. Still, I'm late. ;P Just about 5 minutes late. It's okay right? Hehe. Not much from the lab. Just continue the progress of the group work; white box test case document. The document was different from last time, the black box one. Still it's a document where I am actually not a very fan of document but I like to type or write. Hehe. Document is very important right. Even how many I am not a fan of document, I must like document. I must because without it, we don't have a reference. Am I right? You can think of it. :)

After the class was over, I stay put at the lab because I need to do my individual report and my CV. Need to pass up with the multimedia project document. Aiya. Never mind, just do it. Like Dr. Noraziah always tell me, the concept of just do it. The report need to write in handwriting. Wahlauwei~ My handwriting is like doctor handwriting you know. Just mine one is better lah. Hehe. Actually, after the lab I need to see Andak at MPP room to give him the ICT equipments application letter. Well, I only went to see Andak at 10.45 am like that just after I finish my work at the lab. After that, I printed out the letter and gave to Andak. He was writing a letter too. That's for the JPPH one, to apply the logistic requirement for next week program. Andak was rushing that time. I was about to offer my help but Andak asked for me to help him first. Surely I help him because I was free at that time until 3 pm. ;) After the letter printed, I went to see En. Saha for his signature. He told me that Alang told him about the program postponement. I said that I was never updated with that yet. So I got the signature and went down to ride my bike to go to ICT Center and JPPH.

Just before I went to both place, I called Cikma because Andak told me that Cikma was looking for me this morning. Ceit. This morning I was in the same lab with her. She told me to wait for her. So I waited for her on my bike. Not very long after that, she appeared and told me about the postponement of the program. AIya. Need to repair the letters. Never mind, I went up again to repair the letters and ask for En. Saha's signature. Mission accomplished. Then I went to JPPH to ask for the application form to apply the logistic requirements. After that, I went to faculty for a while to take my exam slip and PSM draft report. Unfortunately, I need to see Dr. Noraziah and take it myself from her. Okay. I'll see her later. Next, I went to ICT Center to send the application letter for ICT equipment. I gave the letter to Kak Faz and she told me that I can update about it on Monday. Okay then. Next, I went back to my room. On my way back, I stopped by at the motorcycle parking near the guard house. Just to have small chat with some friends there. Hehe. ;)

After that, Ude called and told me that she and Cikma is going to KK2 cafeteria. She wanted to deal with the cafe there about the meal for the program. Oh, I forgot to tell. The program named "Majlis Penghargaan Kerjasama MPP 2008". It's an appreciation dinner for those who have been dealt with MPP 07/08 including JHEPA, ICT, JPPH, student clubs & association and MPP 07/08 secretariats. Well, that's briefly about the program. Continue story. I told them to wait for a while for me before going to KK2. So, I ride back to my room and went to see them both for a while. We have a small discussions for a while. Then I went back to my room and get a rest a bit before going for Jumaat prayer.

After the Jumaat prayer, I went back to my room and study a bit about genetic algorithm because at 3 I have a quiz. I went to class at 3 pm exactly because I over nap after study the topic. Hehe. Looks like I wasn't the late one. There were still people come in after me. Jemin was the last one I guess. Hehe. After I took the quiz paper, I read the questions. Only 2 questions but I didn't remember what I read. Huhu. So, Nizam took the book from my bag and opened it. I also read a bit to seek the answer. ;P So, I answered the 1st question and the 1nd question I managed to answer the 1st line of the answer only. Aiya. It's okay. Time can't be reversed. After that, he gave the whole class the teaching evaluation form. Yeah, we must do this every semester each time at the last class of the lecture session. Then, I and Nizam were planning to see Dr. Noraziah to take the draft report.

Before we accomplish our mission, I went up to En. Saha's office again to ask his signature. This one was for the JPPH logistic requirements form. Done. While I asking the signature, En. Saha was in a meeting with Cikma, Uteh, CikD and Ude. I don't remember if there were others. After that, I and Nizam went to JPPH to submit the form. Again, I need to update with them on Monday. Okay. Next station was FSKKP. I and Nizam went up to Dr. Noraziah's office. Unfortunately for us, Dr. was not there. Maybe next week I'll go to see her to claim the draft report. Mission was not accomplish. Aiya. Well, let's went back. Just before I went back, again I stopped by at the motorcycle parking to have a small chat with my friends. Hehe. ;)

After that, I went to masjid first because Asar was another minute away. After Asar prayer, I went back to my room and check my blog for a while. Then, I took the certificate that I wanted to give to the Bengkel Penulisan committee and went to KK2 to Shahrul's house. After I gave the certificate, I went to Jemin's house for a while. Then, I went to Yamin's house for a while before going back to KK1. On my way back, I was having a little chat with the newly appointed MPP, Sazwan. I went back to KK1 at 6.30 pm like that because I need to see Izzah (also the newly appointed MPP) a while to give the girls certificate. Then I went to the cafeteria to buy my meals for berbuka and took Fani's laptop because her laptop was going crazy. She asked my help to repair the laptop. Actually, today is my last day of my puasa 6. Tomorrow is raya. Hehe. ;)

Well, that's all I have to write in this posts. See ya'll in next post. Adios. ;)

Official Results (Error & Correction)

Assalamualaikum all readers. The official results was out this morning and I've updated the final figure for the votes. There are certain error and I've made the correction in the previous results post. Thank you for supporting my blog. :) There are more to come in the future. Peace!

This news also can be seen here.

P/S: rocai geng, do update the figure also OK. Sorry for any inconvenience.

MPP Election 2008 (PRK)....OFF mode

Assalamualaikum and aloha! Alhamdulillah, finally the MPP Election 2008 for Universiti Malaysia Pahang was over. As we can see the results from my previous post, bro 'Afif got the highest votes. This was the first time in my 5 semesters here a guy get the highest votes. Excellent I should say. The margin from Suffi's votes was only 172 votes more. In the manifesto, I can say that Suffi's one was among the best besides others. But here, 'Afif maybe get the highest because of he is well-known by most of the 1st year students. So, he can use his advantages as an ex-head of MINDS facilitator to get the votes. That's just my opinion lah. Nik Aimie came third. My friend predicted that she would won because of the "face factor". You know...beautiful, cute and kinda like that. Well my friend, you're wrong. UMP students are now smarter though. :) Izzah and Izyannisa' both came 4th and 5th. This two are also among the best when they presented their manifesto; got skills and highly confidence. The differences between Suffi and Nik Aimie, Nik Aimie and Izzah and Izzah and Izyannisa' were each 100 plus votes only.

For my faculty, actually I was expecting Zetty to win the FSKKP seat. The vote difference was only 1 vote from Norizan. Aisehman... It's okay, next time maybe. Good effort from you. For Shahrul, no comment cause you're the only guy from FSKKP that competing the seat. ;)

And to all, again, congratulations! Remember, you are now MPP. Our representatives. Fight for students rights. I know we can't satisfy all, but try to do what is right and best. InsyaAllah.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

MPP Election (PRK) 2008 results

Assalamualaikum all. Here are the results for MPP Election 2008 for Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Percentage of voters showed up (total : 4715 students) : 77.88%

Umum :
1. MOHD 'AFIF ABD AZIZ (3135 votes)
2. MOHAMAD SUFFI KAMARI (2963 votes)
4. NUR IZZAH ZAKARIA (2794 votes)
6. LAW KOK SIN (1485 votes)

FKASA (Won in nomination) :

FKEE (Won in nomination) :

2. NUR HIDAYAH MASLAN (588 votes)

1. SAZWAN SAHAR (580 votes)
2. NAEEM ZULKIFLE (574 votes)
3. SOH YAN XIN (197 votes)

2. NORIZAN SYAHNAN (254 votes)
*Name which are in BOLD is MPP 2008/2009*

The announcement was made by Dean of Student Affairs & Alumni Department (JHEPA), Prof. Dr. Abd Jalil bin Borham at 5.10pm this evening. Official results will be out tomorrow. Congratulations to all! ;)

Vote for Mr & Miss Right...PRK 2008

Assalamualaikum and good day. Finally, the day have come. Today is the voting day for MPP Election in UMP. I done my part this morning just after my Multimedia class. My classmates also have cast their vote. There are 2 voting center that open today because the increasing numbers of UMP students. One center is at Astaka, the usual place and another is at Block W. My faculty one was at Block W center. Just after I cast my vote, I went to see En Saha for a while to ask for his signature. Then, I left Block W and went to MPP office for a while. On my way there, I saw there are many students at Astaka lining up to cast their votes. The vote is still open until 5 pm this evening. Maybe I will go to the Astaka after my Mandarin class this evening to hear the announcement about the results. Last but not least, vote for Mr & Miss Right. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I can say about this year candidates

Assalamualaikum all! The voting day for MPP Election a.k.a PRK 2008 is just around the corner. Absolutely, it's tomorrow. I've read through some online paper this evening. UUM's election just over this evening. Well, in this post I'll review a bit what I have seen from the candidates in this two days. I maybe not hear all thier manifesto but they are all good at it though. In this post, I'll say a bit, just a bit lah because I always say a bit, about the candidates that will be the next MPP of UMP.

First of all, let's see the Umum candidates:
1. Nik Aimie : This lady is from my faculty. Yesterday night I heard her manifesto. Well, I think she is still not doing her best at the moment in the manifesto because of her condition. Healthy is very important though. I also read through one blog that told about her manifesto on the first night at KK2. Well, she seems to be out of favour for them. ;)
2. Mohd 'Afif : I know this man. He's the MINDS facilitator boss and one of MPP secretariat also. This man is doing good at the moment and his manifesto well presented. This man is a prospect. P/S : Jemin is his housemate ;)
3. Mohamad Suffi : A good friend of 'Afif. He is a big man because his body was big and tough. Kor suksis man. I think he is the favourite candidate at the moment because if you heard his manifesto last night, you can see he present it well with full energy. He also manage to catch the audience eyes and ears. He also easy to get along. The next YDP maybe?? Hehe
4. Nur Izzah : Don't confuse her with Nurul Izzah Anwar. Hehe. This lady was my secretariat when I was in the MPP. She has a good public speaking skills because she always be the MC in most event. She also one of the eXpoconvo'08 secretariat and MC. She is very helpful though. :) I didn't realize when did she present her manifesto. Hehe.
5. Noor Izyannisa' : Another MPP secretariat that can present well in front of the audience. I am quite attracted when she started her manifesto on the 1st night. She also catch the eyes and ears of the KK2 peeps. Bright future ahead for this lady. ;)
6. Law Kok Sin : One and only chinese candidate that compete for this seat. Mr Law is also one of the favourite because he presented his manifesto very well. He got the skills because he was the BM debaters for UMP. Currently, he is also a JPK. He can suit with anybody.

That's briefly I can say about the Umum candidates. Let's view the Faculty candidates. Two faculties have their candidates won without competing. The faculty are FKASA (Civil Engineering) and FKEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering). So, I don't hava to review them right now cause they are not competing in this election, right. ;)

Let's go to the FKKSA (Chemical Engineering) candidates:
1. Nur Hidayah : If I see her name, I don't know which one is her. But, if I see her face I recognise her. MPP's secretariat also actually. Well, I'm don't really know her but I think her manifesto also not bad. P/S:Ni cikma nye sekretariat ek? Hehe
2. Muhammad 'Izzat : I also don't really know this man but I he got confidence. I can see it. ;)
3. Anashahira : This lady, I know. My secretariat, of course I know her. I am actually surprised that she join to compete as MPP candidate. I'm really proud of you. She told me that she wanted to inherit my pos in MPP. Way to go! ;)

That's briefly. Next, the 4 corner competition for FKM (Mechanical Engineering):
1. Vijayakumar : At first I think, who was this guy. Just last night I realize. This was my hockey mate, he actually joined this year's MASUM Hockey League which I didn't because of taking up the challenges as MPP. Last time I thought this man was Malay. Serious. Because his face like Malay.
2. Soh Yan Xin : Another MPP secretariat plus eXpoconvo'08 peeps also. He's a very active man and friendly as far as I know him. He did well in presenting his manifesto.
3. Sazwan : This man is one of my favourite. He told me that he actually was putting himself in danger. I saw his leadership through eXpoconvo'08 when he became the program coordinator for eXpoconvo'08 workshop. Not bad though. His manifesto also not bad.
4. Naeem : I called him the nasyeed guy because he was the Imtiyaz members and another prospect. That's all about this man.

Last but not least, my faculty, FSKKP (Computer Systems & Software Engineering) candidates:
1. Nor Emilia Zetty : This lady was the MSP lady once when Awe was the President. She also one of PETAKOM Exco previously. Her manifesto...hurm, I should hear it agian tonight.
2. Shahrul Afzam : One and only man from FSKKP that compete in this year MPP Election. I just know him this 2 months. He seems a good prospect to be a leader. I can see it because he saw me to ask about the manifesto that he bring. I surely will vote for this man. ;)
3. Norizan : I don't quite know this lady but I salute her because she is brave to compete in this year MPP Election. I thought I heard her manifesto. Hurm...

That's what I got to say about these peeps. Tonight is the last night to watch their manifesto. Well see tonight. ;) Peace!

New interface for our Student Community

Assalamualaikum and good day all! For your information, early this week our login interface for the Student Community has been centralized to one interface. It means, staff and student are using the same login interface which is the UMP website.
The new UMP website is better than the previous one. Well improved! Maybe next time the university can open a website building or designing competiton like that for UMP students. At least there's something that can show our student's work, right? ;)

P/S : To all UMP students, don't forget to vote for your MPP this 16th October 2008.

Monday, October 13, 2008

MPP Election 2008 (PRK) campaign...ON mode

Assalamualaikum all my friends. Once again, the MPP UMP Election is back. As for your information, this was the candidates for this year election :








Well, two faculties candidates have won though. Just like me in last year's election. ;P Tonight, the manifesto night will begin. I hope this year's election will all be fine. InsyaAllah... Who'll be replacing us in MPP this year. We'll see. ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The climax of my fever

Assalamualaikum all! It's the last chapter for my Raya story. This story was after I went back to Subang Jaya. My fever still not at it best when I was in my way back to Subang Jaya. I sent an SMS to Cikma asking when she wanted to come to my house. At first she replied me that she wanted to come on Sunday, but Akak wanted to follow her also. So, they wanted to come on Saturday. I just arrived at Subang Jaya that Sarturday afternoon. Akak told that she only can come at evening, at night she can't come because her parent didn't allow her. So, that night only Cikma can come. Awe also can't come. Concurrently, Didi and friends also come that night. An unexpected SMS I received that morning from Didi.

So, that night, Cikma came with her 2 sisters. Didi came with Aizat, Juki and Fuad. All of them are UMP-ians. I just served them with KFC only. Couldn't cook that time cause we're out of time that evening because busy washing the house that evening. They were all there at my house until about 10.30 pm like that. After they all left my house, I felt my body temperature is rising quite fast. So, after finish cleaned up the dishes, I went up to my room to sleep.

That night, I felt really cold and can't sleep well. I turn right, turn left, right again, left again...but still couldn't sleep. The solution, I just keep my eyes shut. Then I felt asleep for a while. In the morning, I felt my body really heavy. Then, my mother came inside and touched my forehead. Then, she took a piece of cloth and wet it with water before put it on my forehead. She took care of me that day. Thank you Ibu. I felt asleep many times after that and I ain't feeling hungry. As conclusions, that whole day on Sunday I was on the bed to sleep except when solat, taking bath and going toilet. I only ate and took my panadol at night before maghrib.

When I woke up at subuh, I felt a bit dizzy but the fever is dropping down. Alhamdulillah. :) After packing up that morning, I went to Pudu to take bus back to UMP. It's quite a number of UMP students in my bus that morning though. Hehe. And that's for this post. Psst! Hey, the candidate for MPP 08/09 election was out this morning. Wonder who'll it be. ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Alhamdulillah...I've finished my contract

Assalamualaikum and good morning. It's sad Ramdhan that had left us all. It's the month full of barokah. Pahala rewards doubled, Lailatul Qadr, tarawikh and others. The night before the night of 1st Syawal, I perform the tarawikh with a sad feeling. I kept thinking do I have done good enough in this Ramdhan? Do I fully utilize my full strength that Allah gave me to do ibadah to Him? Can I meet the next Ramdhan? That are some of the questions that I asked myself on that night. That was my last tarawikh for this Ramdhan. I really hope to meet with the next Ramdhan. InsyaAllah.

On the night of 1st Syawal, I went to the mosque for Isya' with my cousin. After the Isya' prayer done, we altogether recite the takbir. Some people can cry if they hear this even me, but most maybe not. Yeah, maybe nowadays many people didn't really know what takbir supposed to mean. I also didn't know so much. Just what have I learned through this 21 years of life on earth.

This year, I bought myself a purple coloured baju melayu. That's what I wear on the morning of 1st Syawal. I went to solat Raya with Pak Teh, Abg Mat, Ikmal and Hakim. As soon as we arrived to the masjid, solat Raya already started. Luckily, it was the 1st rakaat. ;) After finish the solat raya, we went back. The next thing I do after going back from solat Raya was taking pictures of me. Hehe. Well, better take first before I take off the samping. The Raya Day model. ;P After that I went to eat the ketupat with kuah lodeh, ayam masak kicap and rendang. :)

At noon like that, I went to the kubur to visit my Tok Mid and Tok Mah's graveyard. Tok Mid died 2 years ago. The date was one day before I enroll to KUKTEM; now UMP. Raya was different without Tok Mid. Al-Fatihah to him. 1st day of raya, not much activity. Just sitting around inside the house. Plus not very good in condition I am. Only that evening, Mak Limah and family came with her children and grandchildren. Many of my cousin have married and msot have children. Just after Mak Limah went back to Pandan, Pak Long and Mak Long came with their big family. They stay a night there. FYI, Mak Limah and Mak Long are my mother's sisters.

2nd of October 2007, the date when I was contracted as the Students Representative Council (MPP) of UMP even though I have won it earlier. 2nd October 2008, it's been a year and now I'm out of contract as stated in the rules. Give chance to the next generation to hold the position as MPP, right? I felt a bit relieved. At last I can put all focus to my PSM. ;) This 12th October 2008 will be the Penamaan Calon for Campus Election (PRK) 2008 in UMP. 16th October 2008 will be the election day to select the new MPP. I hope that the new MPP will continue to bring the vision and mission of MPP UMP. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

After a while not writing...

Assalamualaikum all! It's been a long time I'm not updating my blog. Recently I was at my kampung at Bukit Ramun, Kulai and at my home in Subang Jaya. I have no internet there but I finally discover how to use my phone as modem and enable my laptop to be connected to the internet. Great! But as I used it up to 5 minutes, the charge was RM2. Wahlauwei! I've also checked the rate at Celcom's website; 10 cents per 10kb.

Raya fever still on the air. Until yesterday, I still got no class. Phew! Except for the juniors. They maybe have started their classes. And also for those who has tests also. I came back here last Monday. You wanna know what? I got fever the day before. Very, very heavy one until I felt hard to wake up from the bed. Alhamdulillah, now the fever gone but my friend here inside my nose still not gone. Haha.

This year, as usual I celebrate Raya at Ramun a.k.a my kampung. I was the first to be there cause I followed Alang went back to Johor on Thursday. I escaped one class that evening. Hehe. It was four of us there that travel to Johor; Alang, me, Achik and Angah. Achik was going back to her kampung at Mersing. We stopped at Achik's kampung for buka puasa before the remaining 3 of us continue our journey to JB. Achik's grandmom lived there. We continue our journey at about 8pm. After we arrived at JB, we sent Angah back first before we went to Alang's sister's house. I stayed one night there. Really tired that night. That night, Alang bring me, Angah and her sister to Danga Bay and Pandan Market. Plus Angah's sis was quite...erm...well, you know "Phewwitt!". The atmosphere at Pandan Market was really happening. Lots of people going there to buy clothes, bags and any things. I bought towel cause I forgot to bring it. Hehe.

The next day, that was Friday, I moved to Mak Teh's house in Taman Munsyi Ibrahim. Alang sent me there that morning and it was raining also. No wonder why I felt very comfortable while sleeping. Hehe. I also stay one night there before continuing my journey to Ramun. I started sneezy from there. Because Mak Teh got cats. Aiya. I just remember. Same like home. Nevermind, I like cats. Just have that sensitive nose to cat's fur. At Mak Teh's house, my main activity was sleeping. Hehe. Nothing much to do plus still the tired not gone yet. Zzzz...

Saturday the 27th, 9.00 am, I continue my journey. Pak Teh sent me to Larkin Bus Terminal. I took bus from there to Kulai. Before I get into the bus, I snatched myself this month PC mags and The Star newspaper. The bus that I took was a bit old but still run well. In the bus, whats more I can do besides reading mags, taking a short nap of course. As I wake up, there was it. I arrived at Kulai. As soon as I stepped down from the bus, an old man, but no so old, offered me a ride. I asked whether he can sent me to Ramun. He said of course. So, he sent me to Ramun safely. Ahamdulillah. Finally, I have arrived at my destination. That's all for this one...later I'll tell the rest of it ok. :)

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