Friday, October 17, 2008

Last day of my puasa 6 for this year...

Assalamualaikum dear readers. The day is Friday. Just another hours to go before entering Saturday. This day, I felt so full. Don't know why. I just have 2 class only today which sums 2 hours, not even 2 hours full actually. This morning, Software Testing lab started at 9 am. Still, I'm late. ;P Just about 5 minutes late. It's okay right? Hehe. Not much from the lab. Just continue the progress of the group work; white box test case document. The document was different from last time, the black box one. Still it's a document where I am actually not a very fan of document but I like to type or write. Hehe. Document is very important right. Even how many I am not a fan of document, I must like document. I must because without it, we don't have a reference. Am I right? You can think of it. :)

After the class was over, I stay put at the lab because I need to do my individual report and my CV. Need to pass up with the multimedia project document. Aiya. Never mind, just do it. Like Dr. Noraziah always tell me, the concept of just do it. The report need to write in handwriting. Wahlauwei~ My handwriting is like doctor handwriting you know. Just mine one is better lah. Hehe. Actually, after the lab I need to see Andak at MPP room to give him the ICT equipments application letter. Well, I only went to see Andak at 10.45 am like that just after I finish my work at the lab. After that, I printed out the letter and gave to Andak. He was writing a letter too. That's for the JPPH one, to apply the logistic requirement for next week program. Andak was rushing that time. I was about to offer my help but Andak asked for me to help him first. Surely I help him because I was free at that time until 3 pm. ;) After the letter printed, I went to see En. Saha for his signature. He told me that Alang told him about the program postponement. I said that I was never updated with that yet. So I got the signature and went down to ride my bike to go to ICT Center and JPPH.

Just before I went to both place, I called Cikma because Andak told me that Cikma was looking for me this morning. Ceit. This morning I was in the same lab with her. She told me to wait for her. So I waited for her on my bike. Not very long after that, she appeared and told me about the postponement of the program. AIya. Need to repair the letters. Never mind, I went up again to repair the letters and ask for En. Saha's signature. Mission accomplished. Then I went to JPPH to ask for the application form to apply the logistic requirements. After that, I went to faculty for a while to take my exam slip and PSM draft report. Unfortunately, I need to see Dr. Noraziah and take it myself from her. Okay. I'll see her later. Next, I went to ICT Center to send the application letter for ICT equipment. I gave the letter to Kak Faz and she told me that I can update about it on Monday. Okay then. Next, I went back to my room. On my way back, I stopped by at the motorcycle parking near the guard house. Just to have small chat with some friends there. Hehe. ;)

After that, Ude called and told me that she and Cikma is going to KK2 cafeteria. She wanted to deal with the cafe there about the meal for the program. Oh, I forgot to tell. The program named "Majlis Penghargaan Kerjasama MPP 2008". It's an appreciation dinner for those who have been dealt with MPP 07/08 including JHEPA, ICT, JPPH, student clubs & association and MPP 07/08 secretariats. Well, that's briefly about the program. Continue story. I told them to wait for a while for me before going to KK2. So, I ride back to my room and went to see them both for a while. We have a small discussions for a while. Then I went back to my room and get a rest a bit before going for Jumaat prayer.

After the Jumaat prayer, I went back to my room and study a bit about genetic algorithm because at 3 I have a quiz. I went to class at 3 pm exactly because I over nap after study the topic. Hehe. Looks like I wasn't the late one. There were still people come in after me. Jemin was the last one I guess. Hehe. After I took the quiz paper, I read the questions. Only 2 questions but I didn't remember what I read. Huhu. So, Nizam took the book from my bag and opened it. I also read a bit to seek the answer. ;P So, I answered the 1st question and the 1nd question I managed to answer the 1st line of the answer only. Aiya. It's okay. Time can't be reversed. After that, he gave the whole class the teaching evaluation form. Yeah, we must do this every semester each time at the last class of the lecture session. Then, I and Nizam were planning to see Dr. Noraziah to take the draft report.

Before we accomplish our mission, I went up to En. Saha's office again to ask his signature. This one was for the JPPH logistic requirements form. Done. While I asking the signature, En. Saha was in a meeting with Cikma, Uteh, CikD and Ude. I don't remember if there were others. After that, I and Nizam went to JPPH to submit the form. Again, I need to update with them on Monday. Okay. Next station was FSKKP. I and Nizam went up to Dr. Noraziah's office. Unfortunately for us, Dr. was not there. Maybe next week I'll go to see her to claim the draft report. Mission was not accomplish. Aiya. Well, let's went back. Just before I went back, again I stopped by at the motorcycle parking to have a small chat with my friends. Hehe. ;)

After that, I went to masjid first because Asar was another minute away. After Asar prayer, I went back to my room and check my blog for a while. Then, I took the certificate that I wanted to give to the Bengkel Penulisan committee and went to KK2 to Shahrul's house. After I gave the certificate, I went to Jemin's house for a while. Then, I went to Yamin's house for a while before going back to KK1. On my way back, I was having a little chat with the newly appointed MPP, Sazwan. I went back to KK1 at 6.30 pm like that because I need to see Izzah (also the newly appointed MPP) a while to give the girls certificate. Then I went to the cafeteria to buy my meals for berbuka and took Fani's laptop because her laptop was going crazy. She asked my help to repair the laptop. Actually, today is my last day of my puasa 6. Tomorrow is raya. Hehe. ;)

Well, that's all I have to write in this posts. See ya'll in next post. Adios. ;)


fanieka said...

makasih ya milul...kerna sudi repair my laptop yg going crazy hahaha...
dh siap ke??ngeh3

Suburbanzero said...

no prob la fani ;)
i only want to help ppls
lgpon ape la gunenye ilmu yg aku blaja ni kalo xdigunakan utk membantu org
ye x?
selamat menggunakan laptop yg sudah fresh

bd fabregas said...

awt x habaq hang letak link aku..
br perasan la bro..
aku balas balik link hang kt blog aku..

Suburbanzero said...

aku lupe lak nk habaq kat hang ari tu

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