Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I can say about this year candidates

Assalamualaikum all! The voting day for MPP Election a.k.a PRK 2008 is just around the corner. Absolutely, it's tomorrow. I've read through some online paper this evening. UUM's election just over this evening. Well, in this post I'll review a bit what I have seen from the candidates in this two days. I maybe not hear all thier manifesto but they are all good at it though. In this post, I'll say a bit, just a bit lah because I always say a bit, about the candidates that will be the next MPP of UMP.

First of all, let's see the Umum candidates:
1. Nik Aimie : This lady is from my faculty. Yesterday night I heard her manifesto. Well, I think she is still not doing her best at the moment in the manifesto because of her condition. Healthy is very important though. I also read through one blog that told about her manifesto on the first night at KK2. Well, she seems to be out of favour for them. ;)
2. Mohd 'Afif : I know this man. He's the MINDS facilitator boss and one of MPP secretariat also. This man is doing good at the moment and his manifesto well presented. This man is a prospect. P/S : Jemin is his housemate ;)
3. Mohamad Suffi : A good friend of 'Afif. He is a big man because his body was big and tough. Kor suksis man. I think he is the favourite candidate at the moment because if you heard his manifesto last night, you can see he present it well with full energy. He also manage to catch the audience eyes and ears. He also easy to get along. The next YDP maybe?? Hehe
4. Nur Izzah : Don't confuse her with Nurul Izzah Anwar. Hehe. This lady was my secretariat when I was in the MPP. She has a good public speaking skills because she always be the MC in most event. She also one of the eXpoconvo'08 secretariat and MC. She is very helpful though. :) I didn't realize when did she present her manifesto. Hehe.
5. Noor Izyannisa' : Another MPP secretariat that can present well in front of the audience. I am quite attracted when she started her manifesto on the 1st night. She also catch the eyes and ears of the KK2 peeps. Bright future ahead for this lady. ;)
6. Law Kok Sin : One and only chinese candidate that compete for this seat. Mr Law is also one of the favourite because he presented his manifesto very well. He got the skills because he was the BM debaters for UMP. Currently, he is also a JPK. He can suit with anybody.

That's briefly I can say about the Umum candidates. Let's view the Faculty candidates. Two faculties have their candidates won without competing. The faculty are FKASA (Civil Engineering) and FKEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering). So, I don't hava to review them right now cause they are not competing in this election, right. ;)

Let's go to the FKKSA (Chemical Engineering) candidates:
1. Nur Hidayah : If I see her name, I don't know which one is her. But, if I see her face I recognise her. MPP's secretariat also actually. Well, I'm don't really know her but I think her manifesto also not bad. P/S:Ni cikma nye sekretariat ek? Hehe
2. Muhammad 'Izzat : I also don't really know this man but I he got confidence. I can see it. ;)
3. Anashahira : This lady, I know. My secretariat, of course I know her. I am actually surprised that she join to compete as MPP candidate. I'm really proud of you. She told me that she wanted to inherit my pos in MPP. Way to go! ;)

That's briefly. Next, the 4 corner competition for FKM (Mechanical Engineering):
1. Vijayakumar : At first I think, who was this guy. Just last night I realize. This was my hockey mate, he actually joined this year's MASUM Hockey League which I didn't because of taking up the challenges as MPP. Last time I thought this man was Malay. Serious. Because his face like Malay.
2. Soh Yan Xin : Another MPP secretariat plus eXpoconvo'08 peeps also. He's a very active man and friendly as far as I know him. He did well in presenting his manifesto.
3. Sazwan : This man is one of my favourite. He told me that he actually was putting himself in danger. I saw his leadership through eXpoconvo'08 when he became the program coordinator for eXpoconvo'08 workshop. Not bad though. His manifesto also not bad.
4. Naeem : I called him the nasyeed guy because he was the Imtiyaz members and another prospect. That's all about this man.

Last but not least, my faculty, FSKKP (Computer Systems & Software Engineering) candidates:
1. Nor Emilia Zetty : This lady was the MSP lady once when Awe was the President. She also one of PETAKOM Exco previously. Her manifesto...hurm, I should hear it agian tonight.
2. Shahrul Afzam : One and only man from FSKKP that compete in this year MPP Election. I just know him this 2 months. He seems a good prospect to be a leader. I can see it because he saw me to ask about the manifesto that he bring. I surely will vote for this man. ;)
3. Norizan : I don't quite know this lady but I salute her because she is brave to compete in this year MPP Election. I thought I heard her manifesto. Hurm...

That's what I got to say about these peeps. Tonight is the last night to watch their manifesto. Well see tonight. ;) Peace!

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