Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daytona at Megamall carpark

Assalamualaikum again all! And a very good day. Today, my whole body felt very tired because of last night. Futsal of course. But it's okay, I'm very used to it. Hehe. Well, today I went out with all the participants that will go to Phuket with me next week except CikD and Suffi. I went out at 10.30 am like that because well, I just woke up at 10 am when I heard somebody called me on my Sony Ericsson W200i handphone. It's Cikma who called me. We went there with 2 cars. The girls one car and the boys one car. The boy's car went to Megamall directly while the girls went to the bus terminal for a while, I don't know what they were doing there. ;)

As we arrived there, we met them at the Megamall's Atrium 1. First thing we do was change the money at the money changer. We changed it from Ringgit Malaysia to Thai Baht. I borrowed RM53 from Sazwan, RM3 each Izzah and RM1 from Izyannisa' to complete the RM107 because the money changer man only had 1000 Thai Baht. Now, I have 1000 Thai Baht, but Anjang have 3000 Thai Baht. Damn rich meh... Hehe. Thai's currency were smaller than Malaysia's.

Next we went to KFC to eat because we all were hungry that time. I ate the KFC chicken rice as usual but this time without the soup (I took 4 spoons of Ude's suop after that...hehe). Alhamdulillah, I think that's my meal for today. Tonight I still not eat yet because I don't know what to eat. ;) Maybe after this if the cafe is still open. After we all finished our meal, all of us spread to go where ever we want. Sazwan then went to Pizza Hut to buy pizza for his friend. I and Izzat Don followed him there. After he ordered and pay for it, we went to the Popular bookstores near there. I bought stepler bullet because I'm out of it. Next we went to Parkson. Izzat Don wanted to hole his belt there. I also wanted to hole my belt after he mentioned that. Sazwan is wandering around searching for slack. I'm just walk around the place while waiting for him to finish.

Suddenly, Ude called. He said that their car couldn't start and was asking for our help. Then I told Izzat Don and Sazwan about it and we went up to the carpark. We arrived there not long after that. Then, we looked and checked what's happened. But no results due to our lack of knowledge in cars including that mechanical boy. Haha. I called Uteh and he said he also will be going to Megamall anyhow. Cikma called the mechanic and the he also will come. The guard there also came to help what he can. Then, the other guard came and checked the car to see what's happen. He said maybe the battery problems. Then he suggested to pull the car. We pulled the car but still can't start. After we tried that, we sit in the car to wait for the mechanic to come.

Suddenly, Uteh and the gang appeared. Hah, the automotif guys. Maybe they can help. Uteh also told that maybe the battery problems. Then Uteh told us to pull the car. Pull again? Nevermind, just pull. We pulled the car many times but the results still can't start. Uteh said it's like playing Daytona when he was inside the car while others pulling it. Haha. After multiple tries, we the boys went to the surau to solat Zuhur. Cikma and other girls waited there.

After solat, we were been told that the car owner came and the girls were going back with another car. So, we don't have to go there anymore. The three of us then went down to pick up the pizza that Sazwan ordered earlier. The pizza must have been cold. Hehe. Next, we went to Watson to buy something. Unexpectedly, I met Bob Solah at the Megamall. He went out with the diploma boys. After that, we went back to UMP. We stopped by Giant for a while because the girls said there were there. As we looked for parking, Sazwan told me that the girls told him that they already went back. Okay then, I drove out from the parking lot and went straight back. Then, Sazwan suddenly laughing himself because he said the girls said that were still there. *Dush!*

There was it for today. See again in the next post. Chiow! ;)

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bd rempit mengesyorkan ko nyer web...
so... aku letak ko nyer link dlm blog aku erk... chow...

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