Tuesday, December 08, 2009

print_r("Hello world!");

Assalamualaikum all!

I just have a thing to say. IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HERE! :D That's all! Can ah?

I really missed my blog so much after so long, but not to long days since my last posting about the raya one. Haha. Jangan mara haa... Well, I'm just don't have that "time" to write since I'm in the internship period. Urgh. It's okay, now I'm back here. ;)

Currently, I'm taking my holidae for a while before continuing my study in masters level at UiTM Shah Alam. InsyaAllah. If everything is going fine, this 27th I'll be registering there. So, anybody registering there this 27th? Raise your hand! See you there la okay. ;)

I think that's all lah for this post. Later I'll put in more post for ya'll, okay! ;) Until then, adios!


Anonymous said...

all the best k..
ur are one step ahead :)

Dyat said...

tahniah tahniah mil...
ko sambung master ambil apa? networking ke?

.:**IzYan da bIg aPpLe d0nuts**:. said...


adie de viRus said...

bro..ko kat mane skrg??sehat?

Suburbanzero said...

wa ade kat subang jaya rumah ku terchenta...haha

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