Thursday, December 17, 2009

So cheap meh??

Assalamualaikum all! How're ya'll? Good? nice ;) Last week..erm..friday, I went to Times Square with Ayie. Actually, before that I followed him to Low Yat Plaza because he wanted to trade in his HP laptop. He got a thousand for that laptop. OK la tu. After that, we went to Times Square. Just looking around. As we were looking around, we stopped at this shop. Ayie wanted to purchase a new bag. At the bagstore, I was surprised. I said to myself,"What? So cheap meh??" You wanna know what? Shoes. Adidas, Nike, Puma and others. Price ranged RM30 to RM50. Mujur tgh xde duit mase tu. Huu.. Then we keep going around till 9.30pm and we went back. Ayie followed me to my house in Ampang cause he didn't want to go back to Rawang. Suke hati ko la labuu...

So, thats the story... Last Monday, I finally grab a pair for myself. Hee.. the RM45 one. I bring my ibu, of course la. Plus I bought two shirts, RM10 each. Nice la that shirt, I think. Later If I wear that shirt, I'll display it on my facebook kay. Then, pandai-pandai le komen. ;)

Okay. Enough already for this post. Gotta go now. Se ya later. Chow!

1 comment:

Azmi b Mohamad Ariff said...

hohhoo..menarik2..beli kan aku beg nike 1.haha

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