Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain - EURO 2008 Winner

Assalamualaikum and good day! Finally, EURO 2008 have finished. Spain is the winner for this event. After 44 years waiting, they finally managed to take the Henri Delaunay cup. I went to watch the final(from the TV lah...hehe). The game a bit fair as I can say. Both side have the opportunity to score but Spain is the lucky side. The game started with Germany have the most ball possessions. After the 20th minute of game, Spain side were able to make a strike little by little. The Liverpool star, Fernando Torres was managed to tip the ball of Lehmann at the 33rd minute. And he seemed to be on form last night. Sergio Ramos also have some tries on the goal but he just don't have luck. The Germany counter-attack also was dangerous with Schweinsteiger, Klose, Ballack and Podolski made some tries but it just didn't work. Last but not least, Spain won the EURO 2008. Congratulations!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

3 days away...

Assalamualaikum all! Good day! It's now approaching the end of da holidae. Well, my new semester will be starting this 7th July. On 1st July, there'll be MINDS 2008. It's an acronym for Minggu Induksi Siswa 2008 a.k.a orientation week for new student lah. ;) The ProMINDS a.k.a facilitator training program for MINDS was just finished this afternoon. I'll be joining as the facilitator under registration committee. This is also my 2nd time joining MINDS. Recent one was last year, MINDS 2007, as the committee of technical and preparation. This year facilitator is only about 118 students only. And mostly are the new faces; from what I've seen. That's really good. :) Compared to last year, the number of facilitator is fewer. Based on my experience, there are insufficient manpower. I hope this time we can handle it like last year, but even better. InsyaAllah. Well, the numbers doesn't matter. The willing to do is the matters. Most universities, the new students will enrolled tomorrow. Our is 1st July lah. Supposed to be same with the other universities but for certain reason that is unavoidable, the university postponed it to 1st July. That's the story lah. I think that's all for today. I am so hungry right now and still waiting for my meal to arrive. Hehe. Ok, see ya in next post. Peace! ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Air Terjun Sekayu, Dua Kayu, Tiga Kayu, Berkayu-kayu

Assalamualaikum and good day my friends! Long time I have no write the blog. Haha. Well, I was at home last week until last Wednesday. I arrived here at 3am on Thursday. On today's topic, I like to story about our trip yesterday; me and the MPP family lah. Yesterday, we went to Terengganu. We depart from UMP by bus at almost 8 am like that. The journey took us about 3 hours. Our 1st destination was Air Terjun Sekayu (Sekayu Waterfalls). We arrived at about 11 am like that. And then we climbed up the hill to get a nice spot at the waterfalls. After that, we mandi lah. We mandi-mandi there for about 2 hours, until 1 pm. Then, we changed our wet clothes and went back to the bus. It's been a very, very, very long time I haven't mandi-mandi at waterfalls. Hehe. Next stop, we went to Uteh auntie's house if I'm not mistaken. His mother and his siblings also there. Since it was afternoon, we were served with mee hoon goreng plus keropok. It's really delicious. Hehe. ;) After makan, we take a look at Uteh's house that was build beside his auntie's house. It's spacious though. And really beautiful lah. Hehe.

After that, we continue our journey to Masjid Kristal. We solat there. And took some picture there. It's really a nice masjid. Got aircond some more at the entrance. Hehe. After that, we continue our journey to the town. We went to the dataran near to Pasar Payang. There was a carnival going on. There were many stalls selling foods, drinks and others. We jalan-jalan there and buy ourselves some food lah. Then we sat at the stage that opposing the sea. We was there until 6.45 pm.

Then, we went to the Floating Masjid a.k.a Masjid Terapung. We stopped there to solat maghrib and isya'. The night sight of the masjid is really catching my eyes. Hehe :) After that, we moved to Ulam Desa Reasturant. There, we met again with Uteh's mother and his siblings. We ate tom yam and fish which cooked very deliciously. The day came to an end. After eating, we went back to UMP. It's really my week of holiday. Well, I just came back and then going somewhere else again. Hehe. I guess, it's enough holiday. Time to work. Peace! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Subang Jaya~~Here I come...

Assalamualaikum guyz and galz! There is one and half hours left before I depart back to Subang Jaya, my hometown. I really miss my hometown and my friends there really much. ;) I'm feeling very happy to da max cause I'm going back to my home. No wonder why I'm so happy. It's been 7 months since the last time I went back(padahal dekat je umah tu ngn U...2 jam stengah je pon...kui3). That was last November if I'm not mistaken. So, it's a semester la. ;P Well, futsal is a wajib thing to do with my friends. Hehe. Sometimes we go to Syed restaurant and chit chat there till late nite. And sometimes lepak at my friend's house to play PS2 or hanging out with them at somewhere. If a long term break it's possible la. Else, just stay at home and watch TV or playing computer games. There're also my friends who is not in Malaysia cause they continue study abroad. I was also have a wish to study abroad. But then, here is better for me. Alhamdulillah. :) Well, I think I want to stop writing here for this post. See ya in the next post after I'm back here at UMP. Chow! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daging kambing sedap!

Assalamualaikum again my dear fellas! Yezza! Once again I'm here to write what happened today. This blog is written while I'm waiting a goal from France. Yeah, it's now France versus Romania. Live & exclusive. Well, I didn't watch the match but I just updating what happen in the game. While waiting for the first goal, better I write this out. This morning, Monday the 9th of June 2008, timed at 10.45am like that, at Ballroom of MS Garden Hotel, I, uteh and akak attended the penyerahan tugas ceremony for our new Vice Chancellor(VC) of Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Actually I'm substituted adik coz he didn't arrive yet here; he's still at his brother's place. Thank you adik. Haha. Just after the Monday assembly with our new Vice Chancellor at Astaka, uteh asked me whether I wanted to come or not. At first I'm undecided cause thinking of my work here still not done and yet, my blazer was with Hasrul the wataniah boy. He borrowed mine last Friday. But later I accepted for certain reason. Hehe. And then I went up to borrow adik's blazer, thank you again adik..haha, and took uteh's parker from it's box ;P and went to MPP's room to take adik's invitation card and then I cycled to the bus stop near the guard's house. Well, try to imagine me wearing those formal thingy clothes and riding a BMX. It's hot. Hehe. Luckily I don't wear the blazer or I'll look like ali baba. ;P

Then, we waited for the van to come and then the van came. We took the van to MS Garden. We arrived at MS Garden at 10.30am like that. Then we we invited to take our seat in the ballroom. It's just a small and simple ballroom. We borak-borak first with the peoples there before we enter the ballroom. What! 1st half 0-0. Aiyoyo. It's okay. A thrilling 1st half I guess. Back to the story. After a while, we took our seat and waited for our Dato' Hilmey, the Director of LPU; UMP Board of Directors. Then as usual. The ceremony began with ucapan all that lah. Then the ceremony of serah tugas by our Deputy VC, Prof Dr Saba to our new VC, Prof Dato' Dr Daing Nasir Ibrahim. Then our new VC gave the souvenir of appreciation to our former VC, Prof Dato' Dr Mohamed Said. Then the two peoples gave their short talk. And then we came to the best part. Makan! Yes, eating part. Hehe.

I ate 3 rounds. Well, I'm hungry to da max at that time. ;) 1st round, I took the lamb and chicken topping with black pepper sauce. Nyum, nyum. Very delicious! You want to know something ah? It's hard to find lamb you know. Hehe. Akak also gave some of her lamb to me cause she took to much. Hehe. So, I ate the first round till finish. Oh, the second half just begin. Well, I expecteing a win now from France. Back to topic. 2nd round, I ate nasik goreng I don't know what it's name but nasik goreng lah. Then the lauk, lamb again with chicken. Hehe. I just can't resist it. Again with the black pepper sauce toppings. ;) Bedal saje lah labu... I ate the second round till the end. I felt almost full. Then I relaxed a bit. Then, the 3rd round. This round I already surrendered the lamb and chicken. I took the ice cream like. I don't know it's name. Hehe. and some cakes. Just a small piring lah. Then, I ate it to the last. Alhamdulillah. I'm feeling very happy today cause I didn't have to buy my lunch. ;)

After we finish eating, there is one reporter from I don't know which paper approach uteh to interview regarding the new VC from student's point of view. Then he interviewed uteh and took our pictures. We gave him our business cards and then we went to the main entrance of the hotel to go back to UMP. Before we go back, we borak-borak again with the people outside the main entrance. The people I mentioned is the university's big people. You know what I mean. ;) Then we accompany Dato' Said while he waited for his family to come to take him go back home. After Dato' Said family have arrived and depart back, we also go to the van to go back to UMP. I think that's all for today. The most important thing here is, remember our parents advices. :) Peace!

p/s : There are still no goals in Romania - France game at the moment. Hait!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sila komen...

Number1 I want to show the next 2 of my work. Actually I'm working on the image or label or design for our eXpoconvo'08 t-shirt which will be printed on the back of of it. The Division of Special Task & Souvenir (TKC) of eXpoconvo'08 asked me to design some image like to represent UMP or specifically to show that UMP is a technical or engineering based university. Actually they gave me some images and I modified it. So, maybe you can put your comment on it. I'm glad if you could give comments and ideas maybe. TQs. There'll another to come later. :)


Aku di'tag'!!

Assalamualaikum...I've been tagged! What is that? Well, it's a game. Hehe.

7 fakta tentang diri
1) anak sulung daripada 3 orang adik beradik
2) lahir pada Hari Wilayah
3) suke bawak kete lelaju
4) suke makan nasi goreng kampung + telur mata
5) suka warna putih
6) minat blogging & surfing internet
7) xsuke durian

7 perkara menakutkan
1) azab drp Allah Ta'ala
2) mati xsempat mengucap kalimah syahadah
3) mati dalam kekufuran
4) tidak tergolong dalam orang2 yang dilindungi di bawah arasy Allah
5) ummah berpecah belah
6) pemerintah yang zalim memerintah
7) membuat keputusan yang salah

7 lagu buat masa ini
1) Kita Sama
2) Doa Perpisahan
3) Ketahuan
4) Itu Kamu
5) Sorafune
6) Run It
7) Haruka Kanata

7 perkataan selalu sebut
1) alhamdulillah
2) ya Allah
3) astaghfirullah
4) oit
5) ye la tu
6) mcm cipan
7) mende

7 perkara bernilai
1) diri sendiri
2) keluarga
3) member2
4) masa
5) ilmu
6) laptop
7) pengalaman lalu

7 pertama kali dalam hidup
1) baru tau yang laptop aku ni leh jadi wireless access point
2) 1st time dok asrama mase masuk KMPk
3) pencapaian tertinggi aku dalam pelajaran mase sem 1 kat KUKTEM(skang UMP)
4) 1st time accident ngn kete Waja mase nk g kuantan - alhamdulillah selamat
5) tengok kete mmber accident dpn mate - alhamdulillah selamat
6) tau cmne nk idupkan api BBQ ;P
7) memegang portfolio dalam badan pelajar yang tertinggi

7 blog pilihan
1) Amat
2) Ariff Othman
3) Hisyam
4) Juzailah
5) Kak Haidar
6) Mohd Shahir a.k.a Ucu
7) Syahril Azeem

That's all for this post. Haha. We'll see who's been tagged!

p/s: Hawa, pinjam p/s ni okey. Hehe. Kepada sesiapa berminat untuk bermain permainan ini atau andai anda ditag tetapi tidak tahu cara bermainnya, sila klik sini. ;P

Saturday, June 07, 2008

EURO 2008

Assalamualaikum...finally, the EURO season is back! I guess this EURO might not be the best because England was not in. That's my opinion lah. Maybe my opinion is wrong but nevermind lah, coz it's just an opinion. The title holder is also will compete in this event. The question is can they defend their title? We'll see about it later. A usual, there are 16 teams will be competing for this year EURO 2008. There are 4 groups. In group A we will be seeing Switzerland, Czech Rep, Portugal and Turkey. I don't see any problem here in this group as I predict that Portugal and Czech Rep will be the two teams that would qualify to the next round. Next is group B. In this group the competitors will be Austria, Croatia, Germany and Poland. This group also wouldn't be a tough group as I see Poland there who can cause problem to Germany and Croatia. But I think both teams still can handle this group. Group C is the group of death. Yup! There are Romania, France, Netherlands and Italy. I expected this group will be the toughest group of all. It's hard to predict though. Spain, Russia, Greece and Sweden is in group D. The title holder is in this group. Can they survive the three teams? We don't know but to watch EURO 2008. Don't miss it. Peace!

p/s : I support France! Haha. ;P

Friday, June 06, 2008

e-Aduan will be available soon

Assalamualaikum and good day! Well, it's sure a good news. At last the system is ready to be published. The system named e-Aduan. It's an online aduan system for UMP student regarding student's welfare mainly. The system is fully authorized by MPP of UMP. The main purpose of we proposed this system was because we want to create a source/center for students to make aduan directly to MPP from anywhere besides reducing the usage of paper; it's called computerized. We proposed the system last November 2007 and the we filled the PTMK SRS document in February 2008. I was told by our advisor that the system have completed and only waiting to be approved. That's one month back. And lastly the demo was presented to us last Wednesday, 4th June 2008. It's still not published yet due to some corrections and updates. InsyaAllah, soon the system can be fully used. Actually, I can say that it's an application inside the student community. You can find this application on the left side menu, titled e-Aduan MPP. Later we will make a survey about the system. Well, it's normal to get feedback from user aite? ;) So, to all UMP students, you can now make aduan from anywhere. That's good aite? :) I think that's all for now. Peace!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Delegasi UTM ke UMP

Assalamualaikum you all! :) I'm sorry coz I post this blog a bit late. But it's ok rite? Hehe. Okay. Hurm..the story begin with last Thursday. The UTM gang which came here was their MPP. They came with their bus. All of them was 11 people, I guess. Hehe. Right me if I'm wrong. ;) I only remember there were 5 guys including the president of MPP. They arrived at about 2 am. When I was battling PES with Adik. :P When they arrive, all of us turn out there to guide them to their room. Before they gone to their room, Alang gave a brief welcoming speech(sempat lagi...ekeke). Then we showed them their room and then we gone back to our room. I continued the battle. Of course lah kan. Hehe. The nest morning, I have Java class. So, I can't join them lah. Other MPP bring them jalan-jalan around UMP and they have some sharing idea session like that.

At afternoon, I join them again. To makan only lah. Hehe. Chicken rice. Wow! I like it. ;) After makan, we go to masjid for the friday prayer. After friday prayer, I gone back to my class and they continue their program. I skip the story to after class. Hehe. After class, I join them went to Pantai Balok. I like it! Hehe. We went there about 6 pm and arrived at about 7.25 pm. So, we solat first la. Afterward, we have BBQ. Makan again. Hehe. Before that, we need to set up first. If not, how can we have our BBQ chicken right? ;) While we setup to burn the chicken, fish ade kerang, others were playing the beach volleyball. It's dark though. How can they play beach volleyball at 8 pm? Anybody can answer it? Nobody? Aiya, the volleyball area was not far from the lamp that ligten our place of BBQ lorr. :P

The BBQ chicken that night was very, very, very delicious! The kerang bakar also. Hehe. We officially ate at about 10.00 pm. Unofficially, while the first BBQ chicken had done it's job on the fire. Hehe. The fish also like that one. The kerang bakar also like that. Hehe. Well, the cook must taste first, right? To determine the BBQ chicken's taste. ;) That night, JHEPA staff also joined us. En Reduan, Kak Ayu, En Ferd n En Rizuadi. Oh, Uteh also JHEPA staff at the moment. :P He also among the BIG boss in MPP. Ya'll know what I mean. Hehe. Ammar also came that night. He came with Along. FYI, Ammar is my boss in eXpoconvo 08. ;) After done eating, we sit together to play sambung-sambung cerita. Each of us must give a word to continue the story. No matter what word lah. As long as it relevant and valid. Hehe. Who get it wrong must eat the remaining fish or chicken. Haha. That time, all of us was full. Can't eat anymore. Me also. Hehe.

We continue playing until it's about 11.30 pm. Then, we clean up the place and ready to make a move going back to UMP. UTM delegation will not stay at UMP that night cause they're heading to Genting. So, they drop us at UMP. We arrived at UMP at about 12.30 am like that. I didn't remember coz I'm sleepy that time. I was having a really good time with them even though it's just for BBQ. Hehe. UTM rawks! Thanks UTM. Until we meet again. Peace yo! :)

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