Friday, June 06, 2008

e-Aduan will be available soon

Assalamualaikum and good day! Well, it's sure a good news. At last the system is ready to be published. The system named e-Aduan. It's an online aduan system for UMP student regarding student's welfare mainly. The system is fully authorized by MPP of UMP. The main purpose of we proposed this system was because we want to create a source/center for students to make aduan directly to MPP from anywhere besides reducing the usage of paper; it's called computerized. We proposed the system last November 2007 and the we filled the PTMK SRS document in February 2008. I was told by our advisor that the system have completed and only waiting to be approved. That's one month back. And lastly the demo was presented to us last Wednesday, 4th June 2008. It's still not published yet due to some corrections and updates. InsyaAllah, soon the system can be fully used. Actually, I can say that it's an application inside the student community. You can find this application on the left side menu, titled e-Aduan MPP. Later we will make a survey about the system. Well, it's normal to get feedback from user aite? ;) So, to all UMP students, you can now make aduan from anywhere. That's good aite? :) I think that's all for now. Peace!

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