Monday, June 02, 2008

Delegasi UTM ke UMP

Assalamualaikum you all! :) I'm sorry coz I post this blog a bit late. But it's ok rite? Hehe. Okay. Hurm..the story begin with last Thursday. The UTM gang which came here was their MPP. They came with their bus. All of them was 11 people, I guess. Hehe. Right me if I'm wrong. ;) I only remember there were 5 guys including the president of MPP. They arrived at about 2 am. When I was battling PES with Adik. :P When they arrive, all of us turn out there to guide them to their room. Before they gone to their room, Alang gave a brief welcoming speech(sempat lagi...ekeke). Then we showed them their room and then we gone back to our room. I continued the battle. Of course lah kan. Hehe. The nest morning, I have Java class. So, I can't join them lah. Other MPP bring them jalan-jalan around UMP and they have some sharing idea session like that.

At afternoon, I join them again. To makan only lah. Hehe. Chicken rice. Wow! I like it. ;) After makan, we go to masjid for the friday prayer. After friday prayer, I gone back to my class and they continue their program. I skip the story to after class. Hehe. After class, I join them went to Pantai Balok. I like it! Hehe. We went there about 6 pm and arrived at about 7.25 pm. So, we solat first la. Afterward, we have BBQ. Makan again. Hehe. Before that, we need to set up first. If not, how can we have our BBQ chicken right? ;) While we setup to burn the chicken, fish ade kerang, others were playing the beach volleyball. It's dark though. How can they play beach volleyball at 8 pm? Anybody can answer it? Nobody? Aiya, the volleyball area was not far from the lamp that ligten our place of BBQ lorr. :P

The BBQ chicken that night was very, very, very delicious! The kerang bakar also. Hehe. We officially ate at about 10.00 pm. Unofficially, while the first BBQ chicken had done it's job on the fire. Hehe. The fish also like that one. The kerang bakar also like that. Hehe. Well, the cook must taste first, right? To determine the BBQ chicken's taste. ;) That night, JHEPA staff also joined us. En Reduan, Kak Ayu, En Ferd n En Rizuadi. Oh, Uteh also JHEPA staff at the moment. :P He also among the BIG boss in MPP. Ya'll know what I mean. Hehe. Ammar also came that night. He came with Along. FYI, Ammar is my boss in eXpoconvo 08. ;) After done eating, we sit together to play sambung-sambung cerita. Each of us must give a word to continue the story. No matter what word lah. As long as it relevant and valid. Hehe. Who get it wrong must eat the remaining fish or chicken. Haha. That time, all of us was full. Can't eat anymore. Me also. Hehe.

We continue playing until it's about 11.30 pm. Then, we clean up the place and ready to make a move going back to UMP. UTM delegation will not stay at UMP that night cause they're heading to Genting. So, they drop us at UMP. We arrived at UMP at about 12.30 am like that. I didn't remember coz I'm sleepy that time. I was having a really good time with them even though it's just for BBQ. Hehe. UTM rawks! Thanks UTM. Until we meet again. Peace yo! :)

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