Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daging kambing sedap!

Assalamualaikum again my dear fellas! Yezza! Once again I'm here to write what happened today. This blog is written while I'm waiting a goal from France. Yeah, it's now France versus Romania. Live & exclusive. Well, I didn't watch the match but I just updating what happen in the game. While waiting for the first goal, better I write this out. This morning, Monday the 9th of June 2008, timed at 10.45am like that, at Ballroom of MS Garden Hotel, I, uteh and akak attended the penyerahan tugas ceremony for our new Vice Chancellor(VC) of Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Actually I'm substituted adik coz he didn't arrive yet here; he's still at his brother's place. Thank you adik. Haha. Just after the Monday assembly with our new Vice Chancellor at Astaka, uteh asked me whether I wanted to come or not. At first I'm undecided cause thinking of my work here still not done and yet, my blazer was with Hasrul the wataniah boy. He borrowed mine last Friday. But later I accepted for certain reason. Hehe. And then I went up to borrow adik's blazer, thank you again adik..haha, and took uteh's parker from it's box ;P and went to MPP's room to take adik's invitation card and then I cycled to the bus stop near the guard's house. Well, try to imagine me wearing those formal thingy clothes and riding a BMX. It's hot. Hehe. Luckily I don't wear the blazer or I'll look like ali baba. ;P

Then, we waited for the van to come and then the van came. We took the van to MS Garden. We arrived at MS Garden at 10.30am like that. Then we we invited to take our seat in the ballroom. It's just a small and simple ballroom. We borak-borak first with the peoples there before we enter the ballroom. What! 1st half 0-0. Aiyoyo. It's okay. A thrilling 1st half I guess. Back to the story. After a while, we took our seat and waited for our Dato' Hilmey, the Director of LPU; UMP Board of Directors. Then as usual. The ceremony began with ucapan all that lah. Then the ceremony of serah tugas by our Deputy VC, Prof Dr Saba to our new VC, Prof Dato' Dr Daing Nasir Ibrahim. Then our new VC gave the souvenir of appreciation to our former VC, Prof Dato' Dr Mohamed Said. Then the two peoples gave their short talk. And then we came to the best part. Makan! Yes, eating part. Hehe.

I ate 3 rounds. Well, I'm hungry to da max at that time. ;) 1st round, I took the lamb and chicken topping with black pepper sauce. Nyum, nyum. Very delicious! You want to know something ah? It's hard to find lamb you know. Hehe. Akak also gave some of her lamb to me cause she took to much. Hehe. So, I ate the first round till finish. Oh, the second half just begin. Well, I expecteing a win now from France. Back to topic. 2nd round, I ate nasik goreng I don't know what it's name but nasik goreng lah. Then the lauk, lamb again with chicken. Hehe. I just can't resist it. Again with the black pepper sauce toppings. ;) Bedal saje lah labu... I ate the second round till the end. I felt almost full. Then I relaxed a bit. Then, the 3rd round. This round I already surrendered the lamb and chicken. I took the ice cream like. I don't know it's name. Hehe. and some cakes. Just a small piring lah. Then, I ate it to the last. Alhamdulillah. I'm feeling very happy today cause I didn't have to buy my lunch. ;)

After we finish eating, there is one reporter from I don't know which paper approach uteh to interview regarding the new VC from student's point of view. Then he interviewed uteh and took our pictures. We gave him our business cards and then we went to the main entrance of the hotel to go back to UMP. Before we go back, we borak-borak again with the people outside the main entrance. The people I mentioned is the university's big people. You know what I mean. ;) Then we accompany Dato' Said while he waited for his family to come to take him go back home. After Dato' Said family have arrived and depart back, we also go to the van to go back to UMP. I think that's all for today. The most important thing here is, remember our parents advices. :) Peace!

p/s : There are still no goals in Romania - France game at the moment. Hait!

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