Saturday, June 07, 2008

EURO 2008

Assalamualaikum...finally, the EURO season is back! I guess this EURO might not be the best because England was not in. That's my opinion lah. Maybe my opinion is wrong but nevermind lah, coz it's just an opinion. The title holder is also will compete in this event. The question is can they defend their title? We'll see about it later. A usual, there are 16 teams will be competing for this year EURO 2008. There are 4 groups. In group A we will be seeing Switzerland, Czech Rep, Portugal and Turkey. I don't see any problem here in this group as I predict that Portugal and Czech Rep will be the two teams that would qualify to the next round. Next is group B. In this group the competitors will be Austria, Croatia, Germany and Poland. This group also wouldn't be a tough group as I see Poland there who can cause problem to Germany and Croatia. But I think both teams still can handle this group. Group C is the group of death. Yup! There are Romania, France, Netherlands and Italy. I expected this group will be the toughest group of all. It's hard to predict though. Spain, Russia, Greece and Sweden is in group D. The title holder is in this group. Can they survive the three teams? We don't know but to watch EURO 2008. Don't miss it. Peace!

p/s : I support France! Haha. ;P

1 comment:

Adry said...

France!! No no ... you should support Portugal!! hehehe..

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