Sunday, June 22, 2008

Air Terjun Sekayu, Dua Kayu, Tiga Kayu, Berkayu-kayu

Assalamualaikum and good day my friends! Long time I have no write the blog. Haha. Well, I was at home last week until last Wednesday. I arrived here at 3am on Thursday. On today's topic, I like to story about our trip yesterday; me and the MPP family lah. Yesterday, we went to Terengganu. We depart from UMP by bus at almost 8 am like that. The journey took us about 3 hours. Our 1st destination was Air Terjun Sekayu (Sekayu Waterfalls). We arrived at about 11 am like that. And then we climbed up the hill to get a nice spot at the waterfalls. After that, we mandi lah. We mandi-mandi there for about 2 hours, until 1 pm. Then, we changed our wet clothes and went back to the bus. It's been a very, very, very long time I haven't mandi-mandi at waterfalls. Hehe. Next stop, we went to Uteh auntie's house if I'm not mistaken. His mother and his siblings also there. Since it was afternoon, we were served with mee hoon goreng plus keropok. It's really delicious. Hehe. ;) After makan, we take a look at Uteh's house that was build beside his auntie's house. It's spacious though. And really beautiful lah. Hehe.

After that, we continue our journey to Masjid Kristal. We solat there. And took some picture there. It's really a nice masjid. Got aircond some more at the entrance. Hehe. After that, we continue our journey to the town. We went to the dataran near to Pasar Payang. There was a carnival going on. There were many stalls selling foods, drinks and others. We jalan-jalan there and buy ourselves some food lah. Then we sat at the stage that opposing the sea. We was there until 6.45 pm.

Then, we went to the Floating Masjid a.k.a Masjid Terapung. We stopped there to solat maghrib and isya'. The night sight of the masjid is really catching my eyes. Hehe :) After that, we moved to Ulam Desa Reasturant. There, we met again with Uteh's mother and his siblings. We ate tom yam and fish which cooked very deliciously. The day came to an end. After eating, we went back to UMP. It's really my week of holiday. Well, I just came back and then going somewhere else again. Hehe. I guess, it's enough holiday. Time to work. Peace! :)

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Dyat said...

seronok naa jadi mpp.. bleh jalan2 makan angin...

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