Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Herbalife 85th country - Kazakhstan

Herbalife officially opened in a new country - Kazakhstan. Congratulations! Herbalife is expanding throughout the world. Psst..I heard soon it'll be 86. Just wait for the news. :)

You may get the list of all Herbalife countries here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Herbalife sponsored athlete won China Open

CONGRATULATIONS to Malaysian Low Wee Wern (squash - Herbalife sponsored athlete) for retaining the China Open title!
Source : SquashSite

Also a big CONGRATULATIONS to Malaysian Daren Liew for winning the French Open in badminton!

Some of the new testimonies

Afiq lost 9kg in 3 months

Dr. Fadly lost 25kg in 4 months

Farhan gained 3kg in 1 month

Fika improved skin problems

Isa Bazeli lost 26kg in 3 months

Nik gained 14kg, improved skin problems, sinus, migraine, hair loss

Saufie improved eyesight problems (was OKU)
These are some of the testimonies from 100 million customers who have been using Herbalife for the past 32 years around the world (latest is 85 countries, new country : Kazakhstan). Lose/gain weight and get healthy now. Ask me how. 012-257 0677 Jamil

** Disclaimer : Herbalife products are not medicine and we do not claim to cure any illnesses or diseases.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Herbalife for body building

Assalamualaikum readers,
Eid Adha is around the corner. I guess better leave ya'll with something good to read. Today I wanted to share how to have a nice body like this guy. Check it out:
Do you like it guys? I bet you do. Haha. You should see his changes now. It's even better that this. Previously, we only knew him from his before and after picture. That day we have the chance to see him live.

Last 2 weeks during a GenH STS in K Club Melawati, I had this opportunity to see him giving his testimony live! By the way, we called him Say Shazril, medical student from India. He is Malaysian though. But I didn't had enough time to meet him personally after the event because have something urgent to do after that. So I be a friend with him on Facebook and asked him how did do or what did his daily routine to get those body. 

Obviously have to go to gym and do workout all that. Since he is taking Herbalife, that's what interest me to ask him because there are some of my customers who did love to do this gym thing even before they start to take Herbalife. So, here are what he replied to me (well, I alter some of the sentences to make it meaningful to read).

Immediately after wake up, take the Herbalife shake to replenish our body state. Because we're fasting during sleeping. 30 minutes after that, take 4 pieces of wheat bread plus 3 eggs or cereal or an apple (usually after shake we will feel not very hungry) 

Light meal like wheat bread or chapati or banana.

A handful of white rice or chapati plus chicken or meat or fish and colourful vegetables.

30 minutes before workout: 
Herbalife shake (2 spoonful of Formula 1 and 2 spoonful of Formula 3)

Within 30 minutes after workout: 
Herbalife shake (2 spoonful of Formula 1 and 2 spoonful of Formula 3) 
Protein is needed this time to helps repair muscle after workout. 

Same as lunch, a handful of white rice or chapati plus chicken or meat or fish and colourful vegetables.

Before sleep: 
Casein because during sleep the body needs protein to grow and casein is a slow release protein and better to take it before we go to sleep.

Well, that was his sharing. Casein is proteins that helps to rebuild muscle and speed recovery. And guess what, there's one Herbalife product which uses casein. It is Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength. Not yet in Malaysia but is available in the US. Briefly, Herbalife 24 is designed special to empower athletes 24 hours a day and helps to boost out their performance. Can't wait to see the product to be launched in Malaysia so that we don't need to go to the US to buy.Think that's all to share this time. Until we meet again in later post. :)

Interested to get on the product? Contact me at 012-257 0677 (Jamil) for consultation and product. Results varies from one person to another plus 30-days money back guarantee. Giving people the goodness of nutrition at 85 countries around the world for 32 years now.

*DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.*

Herbalife Malaysia Sponsored Athletes

Have you had your shake today?
Ask me how.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No bad foods, only bad diets

"It’s been said that there are no bad foods, only bad diets. The idea is this: if we simply ate a wide range of foods – mostly healthy foods – and didn’t eat too much, we’d all be better off. But even though most people might understand the concept of a diet based on variety, balance and moderation, for many it’s still difficult to put into practice."
Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD

Monday, October 08, 2012

Welcome Subang Jaya

Assalamualaikum beloved readers! It's Monday and usually all the workers will be having the so called "Monday Blues". It's actually referring to how the worker feel on Monday. After long weekend, 2 days only actually, when coming to the office or workplace, then suddenly they've like "Oh, it's Monday and it's working day"..something like that lah. Majority feels the same. Well, that's life. Oh yes, I don't want to discuss about that. Don't worry. I only wanted to share what've I going thru this past week. 

First of all, ehem, ehem...I'm back in Subang Jaya! Did I mentioned before that I moved out from SJ? Well, it's been a year. Best part is, I went back to the same area only at different road. Last time was H now is A. No problem. We moved back last Sunday just after the Putrajaya STS at Pullman Hotel. Alhamdulillah, thankful to Allah. That's the first one.

My class have started like 3 or 4 weeks I think. This semester I only have class on Saturday 11am to 6pm. So, I have limited weekend basically with working throughout the week plus rearrangement of my appointments. No problem. It's bisa di atur pak. Just do it. Sunday is STS day now. Every week will have BM STS (Putrajaya, Pan Pacific, Shah Alam, GenH...not included others like NutriCity's) unlike past 3 years back. I remembered last time it's only one BM STS per month. Actually there's 3 STS: BM, English and Mandarin. Need to bring more guests..anyone??

The past week also was Dr Zakir Naik's tour in Malaysia. I wrote some on the event that I went in Shah Alam. You may read previous post. Thank you. And yesterday I went again to his lecture at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur just after we finished the KL STS at Pan Pacific KL. Just behind PWTC. His topic yesterday was on "Islam's View on Terrorism and Jihad". Clearly it's 2 different thing. Unfortunately yesterday I couldn't hear most part of his lecture because of some technical issue. Plus the echoic effect makes the sound system looks not very good. As expected, everyone enjoyed his speech and the Q&A sessions.

I remember one question asked by our Christian brother if I'm not mistaken. He asked between our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW and Isa AS, who was born more pure and who's better. Because he said Isa AS born without father. Dr Zakir answers was, if Isa AS born without a father, then Adam AS is far better because he born without father and mother. Interesting answer but logic. Most of the questions last night was about Isa AS. I came with my family and we went back early because have to send a friend home. Oh, and Tun Dr Mahathir also was there yesterday. He gave the earlier speech before Dr Zakir's lecture. I think that's all for now. Until next post.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dr Zakir Naik live in Shah Alam

Assalamualaikum all. Last week, me and my family went to an event named Dr. Zakir Naik Malaysian Tour 2012. It was held in Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor, UiTM Shah Alam. Who is Dr Zakir Naik? He is the public speaker on the subject of Islam and comparative religion from India. By profession he is a medical doctor. More on him you can see Wikipedia. I've heard his name long time ago and read one of his publications on most frequent questions asks about Islam. This is the first time I've meet and heard from him live. It's a lifetime opportunity. The event started by Al-Qur'an recitation from our Malaysian brother. He recited Surah Al-An'am. Then Farid Naik given his public speech on women's rights in Islam. 

He covers from responsibility until political point of view of women in Islam. A very informative speech. Farid ends his speech with this conclusion. Men and women have different degree of advantanges, but Allah made it totally equal between male and female. He given the analogy of taking exams. Male and female take out an exam for paper A, then the result is the male got 9/10 while the female got 7/10. Then, for paper B, the result is the male got 7/10 while the female got 9/10. We can see different mark for different paper but actually it will be equal mark when we add up, that is 8/10. The male have advantages in paper A while the female have advantages in paper B.

After Farid finished his speech, then Dr Zakir Naik was introduced and take the stage. His speech titled "Universal Brotherhood". He started his speech with the universal meaning of brotherhood. Brotherhood means not only by blood relationship, race, region and colours only. He explained how people from different religion is related with each other. He mentioned this to find similarities between all people from different religion. All religion believes that there's only on true God who created and rule this universe. Allah made us different from each other in order for us to know and learn from each other.
One thing that really stick in my mind was when Dr Zakir explained what are the properties which qualifies a God as Allah, the ruler of the universe. His answer is very simple. It was explained in the Al-Quran, Surah Al-Ikhlas. The meaning from this Surah is this (taken from Institute Al-Islam website) : “Say: He is Allah, The One and Only. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He begets not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.” [Al-Qur'an 112:1-4].

His speech goes on until about 1 hour before the Q&A session for the remaining 2 hours. The session was moderated by Brother Shah Kirit. He priorities the non-muslims to question out any inquiries about Islam and it's teaching. Dr Zakir handles the answer well. I love the way he spell out his answer which most of it actually from the glorious Al-Qur'an itself besides he mentioned some references from other religious book like Bible, Veda and so on to support his answer. A very informative answer and yet concise, insyaAllah.

The event end up at about 12.30am. This Friday, 5th October 2012, there will be having the same event with Dr Zakir in Kuantan with topic "The Qur'an and Modern Science" before he ends his tour on Sunday, 7th October 2012 in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur with topic "Islam's View on Terrorism and Jihad". Let's don't miss this opportunity to learn from him, insyaAllah.

If you're interested and serious to lose weight or gain weight or maintain weight and get healthy with Herbalife, feel free to fill in your particular. Thank you.

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