Monday, October 29, 2012

Some of the new testimonies

Afiq lost 9kg in 3 months

Dr. Fadly lost 25kg in 4 months

Farhan gained 3kg in 1 month

Fika improved skin problems

Isa Bazeli lost 26kg in 3 months

Nik gained 14kg, improved skin problems, sinus, migraine, hair loss

Saufie improved eyesight problems (was OKU)
These are some of the testimonies from 100 million customers who have been using Herbalife for the past 32 years around the world (latest is 85 countries, new country : Kazakhstan). Lose/gain weight and get healthy now. Ask me how. 012-257 0677 Jamil

** Disclaimer : Herbalife products are not medicine and we do not claim to cure any illnesses or diseases.

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