Thursday, October 25, 2012

Herbalife for body building

Assalamualaikum readers,
Eid Adha is around the corner. I guess better leave ya'll with something good to read. Today I wanted to share how to have a nice body like this guy. Check it out:
Do you like it guys? I bet you do. Haha. You should see his changes now. It's even better that this. Previously, we only knew him from his before and after picture. That day we have the chance to see him live.

Last 2 weeks during a GenH STS in K Club Melawati, I had this opportunity to see him giving his testimony live! By the way, we called him Say Shazril, medical student from India. He is Malaysian though. But I didn't had enough time to meet him personally after the event because have something urgent to do after that. So I be a friend with him on Facebook and asked him how did do or what did his daily routine to get those body. 

Obviously have to go to gym and do workout all that. Since he is taking Herbalife, that's what interest me to ask him because there are some of my customers who did love to do this gym thing even before they start to take Herbalife. So, here are what he replied to me (well, I alter some of the sentences to make it meaningful to read).

Immediately after wake up, take the Herbalife shake to replenish our body state. Because we're fasting during sleeping. 30 minutes after that, take 4 pieces of wheat bread plus 3 eggs or cereal or an apple (usually after shake we will feel not very hungry) 

Light meal like wheat bread or chapati or banana.

A handful of white rice or chapati plus chicken or meat or fish and colourful vegetables.

30 minutes before workout: 
Herbalife shake (2 spoonful of Formula 1 and 2 spoonful of Formula 3)

Within 30 minutes after workout: 
Herbalife shake (2 spoonful of Formula 1 and 2 spoonful of Formula 3) 
Protein is needed this time to helps repair muscle after workout. 

Same as lunch, a handful of white rice or chapati plus chicken or meat or fish and colourful vegetables.

Before sleep: 
Casein because during sleep the body needs protein to grow and casein is a slow release protein and better to take it before we go to sleep.

Well, that was his sharing. Casein is proteins that helps to rebuild muscle and speed recovery. And guess what, there's one Herbalife product which uses casein. It is Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength. Not yet in Malaysia but is available in the US. Briefly, Herbalife 24 is designed special to empower athletes 24 hours a day and helps to boost out their performance. Can't wait to see the product to be launched in Malaysia so that we don't need to go to the US to buy.Think that's all to share this time. Until we meet again in later post. :)

Interested to get on the product? Contact me at 012-257 0677 (Jamil) for consultation and product. Results varies from one person to another plus 30-days money back guarantee. Giving people the goodness of nutrition at 85 countries around the world for 32 years now.

*DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.*

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