Monday, October 08, 2012

Welcome Subang Jaya

Assalamualaikum beloved readers! It's Monday and usually all the workers will be having the so called "Monday Blues". It's actually referring to how the worker feel on Monday. After long weekend, 2 days only actually, when coming to the office or workplace, then suddenly they've like "Oh, it's Monday and it's working day"..something like that lah. Majority feels the same. Well, that's life. Oh yes, I don't want to discuss about that. Don't worry. I only wanted to share what've I going thru this past week. 

First of all, ehem, ehem...I'm back in Subang Jaya! Did I mentioned before that I moved out from SJ? Well, it's been a year. Best part is, I went back to the same area only at different road. Last time was H now is A. No problem. We moved back last Sunday just after the Putrajaya STS at Pullman Hotel. Alhamdulillah, thankful to Allah. That's the first one.

My class have started like 3 or 4 weeks I think. This semester I only have class on Saturday 11am to 6pm. So, I have limited weekend basically with working throughout the week plus rearrangement of my appointments. No problem. It's bisa di atur pak. Just do it. Sunday is STS day now. Every week will have BM STS (Putrajaya, Pan Pacific, Shah Alam, GenH...not included others like NutriCity's) unlike past 3 years back. I remembered last time it's only one BM STS per month. Actually there's 3 STS: BM, English and Mandarin. Need to bring more guests..anyone??

The past week also was Dr Zakir Naik's tour in Malaysia. I wrote some on the event that I went in Shah Alam. You may read previous post. Thank you. And yesterday I went again to his lecture at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur just after we finished the KL STS at Pan Pacific KL. Just behind PWTC. His topic yesterday was on "Islam's View on Terrorism and Jihad". Clearly it's 2 different thing. Unfortunately yesterday I couldn't hear most part of his lecture because of some technical issue. Plus the echoic effect makes the sound system looks not very good. As expected, everyone enjoyed his speech and the Q&A sessions.

I remember one question asked by our Christian brother if I'm not mistaken. He asked between our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW and Isa AS, who was born more pure and who's better. Because he said Isa AS born without father. Dr Zakir answers was, if Isa AS born without a father, then Adam AS is far better because he born without father and mother. Interesting answer but logic. Most of the questions last night was about Isa AS. I came with my family and we went back early because have to send a friend home. Oh, and Tun Dr Mahathir also was there yesterday. He gave the earlier speech before Dr Zakir's lecture. I think that's all for now. Until next post.


Anonymous said...

menariK.dR zAKIR mmg hebt tang jwb nie sume.Alhamdulillah.

Suburbanzero said...

yup..jawapan2 yg diberikan logik dan tepat. siap bagi reference lagi tu kalau xpercaya.

s h a said...

I am having monday blues as well every monday morning except during outstation... :)

Salute Dr Zakir Naik for the great answer.watched him on tv last week. :)

s h a said...

I am having monday blues as well every monday morning except during outstation... :)

Salute Dr Zakir Naik for the great answer.watched him on tv last week. :)

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