Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to eliminate extra fats from our body?

How much extra fat are you carrying? 1kg? 2kg? 5kg? Remember this. 5kg extra body fat will increase our chances of getting sick or diseases. How to eliminate those extra fats from our body? There are actually many ways. It's up to us to choose which is the best.

Control your calorie intake. To control it, you must have some knowledge in food calorie. Go learn about it. Basic is enough. Learn to read about nutrition facts which printed on the food label. From there you will know how many calorie will the food provide and important to know you body calorie burning rate or BMR. Simply said your metabolism. Remember cut your calorie not your food.

Learn to drink a lot of plain water. 8 glasses is not enough, it should be 8 liters per day. Try it and you'll feel the difference. Don't complaint about going to the toilet frequently if you have a lot of excess fats. Water helps you to eliminate those fats though urination. Start small and learn to increase day by day basis. My routine 8-10 liters per day is nothing. In two hours I can finish my 2 liters of plain water. Usually I'll finish up to 6 liters in the morning before lunch and the rest after lunch. In fact drink a lot of plain water is the cheapest way to lose fats. I mean a lot.

Exercise is another well-known method to lose those extra fats. So, go exercise. It's simple. Do it regularly and daily over and over and over and over again. Start simple head to toe, don't push but regulate it. If we push too hard, we might have injured our body muscle. Yes, the excess fats can be eliminate through our sweat. When we do exercise, make sure we sweat a lot. We are still not exercise if we're not sweating.

I hope my short sharing here can help you. I'll share more in later post. If you're searching for solution how to lose weight or gain weight the healthy way, I have the solution. You don't have to skip your favourite meal but I'll coach you how to control it. I recommended Herbalife nutrition. If you're interested to know more about Herbalife, please leave your particular at the form provided in my blog. Thanks for reading. :)

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