Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Malaysia Day and end of Syawal

It was a long weekend since Sunday, 16th September was declared Malaysia Day. Well, the previous day my class have started. The first class for this semester. This time I only register for 2 courses only. It's enough I guess since 3 was a bit heavy for me in the previous semester. Enough I think. The rest will finish it next semester, insyaAllah. This time around there is no weekday class for me. No problem. Still can do. At least I don't have to be rushing to go to the class after working hours anymore, at least, for this 4 months. Nuff said. On Sunday, me and my family just finishing the Raya month with open houses. There was 2 actually. First one was in Kelana Jaya. The masjid there organized an open house. Alhamdulillah. the food was nice and delicious. Second one was at Anjang's house in Puncak Saujana, Kajang. Well, eventually she invited me the previous day since she met me during class. The housing area was new. We got lost for a while after we reach Sg Kantan area. But we managed to get there just in time. Well, that's how I finished my Malaysia Day. A very good ending isn't it. Hey, guess what. Afiq just lost another 3kg for the past 2 weeks. we met him that Sunday at night. That's total up to 9kg for the past 3 months. Here how he was then and now. 

*Click to enlarge*
Still have another 31 to go. InsyaAllah. Lose weight now. Ask me how. :)

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