Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dieting VS Cleansing

Today I wanted to share one image on differences of dieting and cleansing. Well, how many of us did dieting in order to lose weight? On the other hand, how many of us did cleansing? Good! Now, let us see how dieting affect us and how did cleansing. You can judge it by yourself.
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Most of us sees diet as an essential way to lose weight. Well, it's true if you did it the right way. What is the right way? The right way is by giving us essential nutrients to our body besides controlling our calories intake per day. Most of us tend to skip meal, they said that way can lose weight faster. Yes, it's true. But you'll gain back twice faster. Not a good regime to follow. Beware my friends. Do it the right way. Try to cut down sweets, chips, sodas and those which categorized as junk food or fast food. You can eat but not everyday. Better put it off forever. 

Drink more plain water. Again, I remind here as was in my previous post. Remember that human body consist of 70% of water. If we lack of water, there comes our headache and all other sort of sickness that we feel. Please, plain water. Not sodas or coloured drinks.

Eat more fruits which is high in antioxidants like grape. Papaya is also good especially you're having constipation problem. You know that logically we should go to the toilet to throw away out waste as the same amount as how many times we eat that day. For example, normally we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3 times we eat. So, we should throw out our waste 3 times also. Didn't you think that's the way how it should be in order to keep us healthy?

It's all start with our food. Our eating pattern. Watch out and be careful. Do cleansing instead of dieting. That's all from me for this post. I hope all of us can benefit from this. Enjoy! :)


CK said...

Totally agree with you that dieting is the number one strategy to lose weight. It is even more effective when it is practice together with a regular exercise routine. Cycling is a good start.

jamil hlf said...

True. With a good diet strategy plus regular exercise. Cycling is the best exercise since it'll use up all our body to work. For those who want to start dieting, I personally suggest that they need to start drink more plain water. Mainly because today we are exposed to unhealthy environment. Plain water will make us look fresh and good for our skin too. When we lack of plain water, that's when we get headache and fatigue which will lead to all other sort of lifestyle diseases with or without we knowing it. Wallahua'lam.

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