Monday, September 03, 2012

Where am I on Merdeka night

Assalamualaikum readers! 

Have you had your shake today? How is your day going on so far? Still got the Monday blues. Haha. Hope you're all enjoying your Merdeka holiday. 

On Merdeka night, I went to Shah Alam to meet an old friend of mine back then at UMP, Khairul Mizan. Surprisingly he's doubled in size. First time meeting him in 2 years, he had expand that much. So, what's the catch? Actually he wanted to lose some weight because he will be getting married soon. InsyaAllah. And because he knew I'm a personal wellness coach with Herbalife and he knew how was I back then in 2008, so he contacted me thru Facebook one day before.  

My family and Arcelona's family
Actually before I went to Shah Alam, I have focus group with special appearance of Mill Team from Indonesia, Arcelona. It's just amazing and inspiring to know how she survived in Herbalife. One thing I remembered that she mentioned to us, invite to presentation. Means we have to use the power of event or nutrition club. Because we want to put the believe in each human being that they also can be healthy and achieve what they want in life. Herbalife is only tool and Herbalife can help. Whatever it is don't quit.

Me, Afiq and Khairul
Yes, continuing from my meet up with my friends at Shah Alam. He weight almost 100kg. So I take his reading and explained how Herbalife can help him, alhamdulillah, this month he'll start the program. It's my pleasure to help all my colleagues to get healthy and to achieve what they want in life. Thanks to Afiq too for helping me that night with his amazing testimonial. He lost 6kg for the past 2 months and reshaped his body. Now he said he can wear his old shirt. Amazing isn't it. And now he's trying to put off smoking. InsyaAllah. You can do it! And when we finished our meet up, it was 31st August. Merdeka! In one of my friend's Facebook status said, "Merdekakan lemak anda" which means "Free your fat". Cool isn't it?

So, that's all my short and simple sharing. Enjoy life. Thanks for your time. :)

Lose weight/Gain weight+Get healthy+energize. Ask me how. +6012 257 0677.

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