Saturday, May 31, 2008

Majlis bersama Tok Said

"Be the best among the best!"

Assalamualaikum...We meet again in another story. This story supposedly to be posted yesterday, but because of some constraint I am unable to post it. Last two nights, there were a small makan-makan at Dato' Said's house at IM 2. He invited us to his house to join the makan-makan. I thought other people also will join the makan-makan. Unfortunately, not. Only us, the MPP of UMP. ;) We depart from UMP about 8.50 pm by bus. Specifically, the UMP bus; the short bus. We altogether that night was 15 people(plus the driver who took us there, thank you) cause Ayie, Achik and Ude was not around(for those three, the meal that night was soooooo delicious! ;P). We arrived at 9.20 pm(I didn't remember exactly the arrival time ;P) at his house. Dato' Said is UMP former Vice Chancellor. He waited for our arrival at the front of his house. Then, we went into his house lah. Hehe. Before we start makan-makan, we borak-borak with him first. ;) Then Datin came to join borak-borak with us.

Dato' Said mentioned his vision on UMP. I'm impressed when with his idea to recreate the abandoned MEC from Malaysia Electric Corporation to Malaysia Education Corridor. What an idea! Later when Dato' invited us to makan. Awe make his move first since nobody is strong enough to take the meal that put on the table. Haha. After Awe initialize, others executed to take the meal. I give way to others first since there is a traffic jam at the way to meal. Hehe. Do you want to know what the meal was? It's chicken beriyani. Sounds nice right. Really delicious! Yum, yum... ;) I ate two rounds and finished last among them all. Not a problem right? Hehe. The problem is I was too hungry(cannot go). ;P

After ate, we were served with agar-agar(I guess...hehe). The agar-agar also so delicious! While we eat the agar-agar, we continue our borak-borak. Dato' mention that he wanted to build a new house. He showed us the plan. It's big though. Even it's a single storey house. Pheww! Dato' also told us the story when he was abroad to study. Then, Dato' mentioned that he wanted to make a biography about himself. If possible he wanted to publish it. Good idea! Way to go Dato'. Unfortunately, he need to find a really good writer to write a good book for him. Ucu can write a good writing, right? ;P Dato' also told us about his story when he was a kid. It's really nostalgic story. We borak-borak up till 11.00 pm that night. Before we leave, Alang represents us to gave a present to Dato' as an appreciation from us. Thank you Dato' for everything including that night. I like the beriyani. ;)

Later that night, we're preparing to receive a delegation from UTM Skudai; the MPP of UTM. That's for another story. Heee... :)


Dyat said...

hoho bestnye...
jamil nape tak tapau balik utk kitaorang...

Suburbanzero said...

aiya..dayat sory arr...ko xpesan awl2 hr tu...:P

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