Monday, May 26, 2008

Semalam di Pekan

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. :) Did you know what happened last night? Surely tou didn't coz I ain't telling you. Haha. Well, last night I and other UMP-ians were going to Pekan for live show of a program named Halaqah. The topic of Halaqah last night was "Beras"(rice). Hey, interesting topic though. This due to the recent issues on rice. Not only in Malaysia, others also. The price for even a kilogram of it was really going crazy you know. Phew.. When price goes high, you'll know what will cause. Actually, we arrived there a bit late. 15 minutes after the program start. Plus searching or parking and bla, bla, bla..that takes us 10 more minutes. And finally, we reached the place safely. Lucky for person whom sitting at the front line coz their face was on TV. Well, niat mesti betul. ;) We came in peace! I came with Alang, Cik D and Zul with the NBC car left by Awe for his absence here. He's actually going UMS for MASUM. Ucu is going with other UMP-ians with the bus.

Ok, back to the story. Later, somebody approach me. was Abg Wan. His house is nearby that place. By the way, the place is Padang Majlis Daerah Pekan. Then, we sat together to watch the live program. One of the panel I know la, Dr Jamnul Azhar. He came to UMP recently (I didn't remember which event) to give his ceramah to us. I knew him since I was in Perak Matriculation College. He often came there to give ceramah. Another panel I didn't know but I knew his name, Ust Badlishah, the Qadhi of Temerloh. Right me if I'm wrong k. ;) The live show ends at 10 pm. After that, the part that I like, makan. Hehe. well, I'm too starving last night coz haven't taking my dinner yet. The makan is held at the hall next to the Padang. I ate roti jala, murtabak and some kuih. And they're really delicious! ;)

After eat, we went to Abg Wan's house to lepak and this is the first time I went there. His house is quite big and it's a kampung style house. It's feel like going back to Johor. Hehe. I like the sofa at the hall room. I felt sleepy & very comfortable when I sat on it. While lepak-lepak at the hall, we browse through Abg Wan's photo albums. There were photos of him when he was a student, photos of his family and other photos. Then, we go minum-minum near the Pahang river. It's dark and I can't see the river but the river is just next. After minum-minum, we go back to UMP. It's 12 am when we depart from Pekan. We arrived at UMP about 12.50 am. That's all lah for this blog. Peace! ;)

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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