Sunday, May 11, 2008

Team-Building, Leadership & Secretariate Training 2008 (TEST '08)

Assalamualaikum n good day to all! Recently, about 12 hours ago we've just finish a workshop named Team-Building, Leadership & Secretariate Training (TEST'08) for eXpoconvo'08. The main purpose of the workshop is to come out with a plan on what we want to do during this holiday and after holiday. The whole idea was to specifically synchronize work among divisions in eXpoconvo'08. There will be a due date for each task to be completed. With this, we will practice to finish our job on time and there will be less complexity to do the work. I'm the Setiausaha Bahagian Multimedia & Dokumentasi. The strength of my division is only 8 peoples but we aim to do our best in this eXpoconvo.
This workshop have presents three guests. 1st guest was Miss Haslinda, Principal of 3rd Kolej Kediaman as the first presenter. She talked about teamworking and leadership. 2nd guest was Mr Wan Nazrul Helmy, Pegawai Khas kepada NC. He talked about protocol & social ethic. And lastly was Mr Shamir Adnan bin Shaukat, former Setiausaha Bahagian of multimedia division in eXpoconvo'06. His speech is more on giving the basic knowledge in designing and photography. As a conclusion, the important thing is to apply the knowledge gain from those presentation about certain topics. Well, there is no meaning if we don't transfer what we talk and what we thought into action; that's mean apply.

For each division, we need to discuss what we will be doing in order to complete certain goal or tasks, what's the due date, who's the person-in-charge and so on. Well, all of those seems to have needing the commitment from each members of division; full commitment of course. Yet, the event will be held in less than 100 days now. Then, we will need to try our best to complete what is supposed to be completed during this short holiday because when the semester started, we will face more difficulty than now.

The Closing Ceremony for TEST'08 have been completed by our Dean of JHEPA, Prof. Dr. Abd Jalil bin Borham. The ceremony went all well. The part when I displayed the multimedia presentation was my favourite part. Well, my division did that part. :) That's all for the workshop and now we need to accomplish all tasks as discussed so that we will finish work on time. It's working time. Peace!

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