Friday, May 09, 2008

Last day of the semester

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone. Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday. So, what's the difference between these days? I bet you wouldn't know. Hehe. Actually, both days are same. They are day. :P Well, that's just the introduction to my writing today. Well, today is the last day of my 4th semester here at UMP. I still have 1 ½ year to go. For this semester, I consider it the toughest semester; as for now. Maybe I got too many commitment to go for or maybe I failed to manage my time well or maybe I just feel that way. Above all, the semester just over. Whatever you say, you can never turn the time back. If you have the car from Back To The Future, then maybe you can. With the permission of Allah of course. In reality, you can't. But, you still can improve things that would gonna do in the future. Take your opportunity as long as Allah still give you the time to live. If He takes your life, like I said, no turning back. That's life for sure. Next semester would be more tougher than this semester. Why would I said this? Because I will be doing my Undergraduate Project 1 a.k.a PSM 1. It's a thesis writing based on research about my system that I want to develop in Undergraduate Project 2. I'll do my best in my PSM 1. InsyaAllah. My block mates almost all gone back to their hometown. I will go back to Subang Jaya next month. Just a month late. That's not a problem. Yet, today I still have work to do. I just got back from the Canselori to submit the banner that to be published in our e-community. This evening, I need to go to kuantan to take the banner for tomorrow's program. Well, that's me. ;) I don't have idea actually what to write. So, happy holiday to all! Roger n out!

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