Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SCJP exam & Pizza Hut

There's nothing impossible in this world

Assalamualaikum! Yezza...this is not a test, this is real. Haha. Today is really a tiring day. I don;t know why but I just feeling tired. Maybe I answered so many Java question that require my brain to work really, really hard until da maximum. Well, that's how it is. My Exam just around the corner. Which corner? That corner lah... ;P It's Sunday lerr. I must pass this exam to get certified. I must try my really best. Not like doing some OOP question like before. It's tougher though. I just finished the 2nd set of the question paper. It's actually online paper. I got another one more set to go before the instructor give us another sample of the exam paper. The passing mark for SCJP is 59%. I bet you can imagine how hard it is, right? That's why we need to finish the 3 sets of question provided by Sun System. I'll do my best! And get my certification. InsyaAllah. :) ke?...last Monday, I ate pizza at Giant. Do you know what pizza? Pizza Hut larr.. hehe. It's my rezeki that day. Alhamdulillah. Actually, that particular evening I am really hungry. Damn hungry. I never take my lunch cause I'm not hungry that afternoon. I dunno la this 2 days I didn't take lunch. Maybe I'm still not hungry because I ate breakfast at 10.30 am in the middle of Java class. Don't get me wrong okay. Mr Ghana gives us break at 10.30 am and tells us to get rid from your computer. That's when I go eat. The cafe is just nearby. It's an executive cafe actually. Where am I writing right now? Oh, out of bound exception. Hehe. Ok. That evening, Cikma treat me the pizza la. Thank you Cikma. Next time it's my treat. InsyaAllah, if ade rezeki. ;) Uteh didn't finish his mushroom soup. Haha. Cikzu eating her pizza and Cikma with her spaghetti. Uteh is looking for his rib bone. ;P I'm really, really kenyang eating the pizza. Alhamdulillah. It's been a long time I didn't ate pizza though. Is it? Last time was when Along birthday lorr.. Hehe. Ok. That's it for now. Make sure ya'll stay tune with yourself okay. :) Peace yo!

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