Sunday, October 12, 2008

The climax of my fever

Assalamualaikum all! It's the last chapter for my Raya story. This story was after I went back to Subang Jaya. My fever still not at it best when I was in my way back to Subang Jaya. I sent an SMS to Cikma asking when she wanted to come to my house. At first she replied me that she wanted to come on Sunday, but Akak wanted to follow her also. So, they wanted to come on Saturday. I just arrived at Subang Jaya that Sarturday afternoon. Akak told that she only can come at evening, at night she can't come because her parent didn't allow her. So, that night only Cikma can come. Awe also can't come. Concurrently, Didi and friends also come that night. An unexpected SMS I received that morning from Didi.

So, that night, Cikma came with her 2 sisters. Didi came with Aizat, Juki and Fuad. All of them are UMP-ians. I just served them with KFC only. Couldn't cook that time cause we're out of time that evening because busy washing the house that evening. They were all there at my house until about 10.30 pm like that. After they all left my house, I felt my body temperature is rising quite fast. So, after finish cleaned up the dishes, I went up to my room to sleep.

That night, I felt really cold and can't sleep well. I turn right, turn left, right again, left again...but still couldn't sleep. The solution, I just keep my eyes shut. Then I felt asleep for a while. In the morning, I felt my body really heavy. Then, my mother came inside and touched my forehead. Then, she took a piece of cloth and wet it with water before put it on my forehead. She took care of me that day. Thank you Ibu. I felt asleep many times after that and I ain't feeling hungry. As conclusions, that whole day on Sunday I was on the bed to sleep except when solat, taking bath and going toilet. I only ate and took my panadol at night before maghrib.

When I woke up at subuh, I felt a bit dizzy but the fever is dropping down. Alhamdulillah. :) After packing up that morning, I went to Pudu to take bus back to UMP. It's quite a number of UMP students in my bus that morning though. Hehe. And that's for this post. Psst! Hey, the candidate for MPP 08/09 election was out this morning. Wonder who'll it be. ;)

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