Friday, October 17, 2008

MPP Election 2008 (PRK)....OFF mode

Assalamualaikum and aloha! Alhamdulillah, finally the MPP Election 2008 for Universiti Malaysia Pahang was over. As we can see the results from my previous post, bro 'Afif got the highest votes. This was the first time in my 5 semesters here a guy get the highest votes. Excellent I should say. The margin from Suffi's votes was only 172 votes more. In the manifesto, I can say that Suffi's one was among the best besides others. But here, 'Afif maybe get the highest because of he is well-known by most of the 1st year students. So, he can use his advantages as an ex-head of MINDS facilitator to get the votes. That's just my opinion lah. Nik Aimie came third. My friend predicted that she would won because of the "face factor". You know...beautiful, cute and kinda like that. Well my friend, you're wrong. UMP students are now smarter though. :) Izzah and Izyannisa' both came 4th and 5th. This two are also among the best when they presented their manifesto; got skills and highly confidence. The differences between Suffi and Nik Aimie, Nik Aimie and Izzah and Izzah and Izyannisa' were each 100 plus votes only.

For my faculty, actually I was expecting Zetty to win the FSKKP seat. The vote difference was only 1 vote from Norizan. Aisehman... It's okay, next time maybe. Good effort from you. For Shahrul, no comment cause you're the only guy from FSKKP that competing the seat. ;)

And to all, again, congratulations! Remember, you are now MPP. Our representatives. Fight for students rights. I know we can't satisfy all, but try to do what is right and best. InsyaAllah.


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