Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alhamdulillah...PSM 1 presentation : Done! & Phuket???

Assalamualaikum all readers! We meet again in another post of mine. ;) It's Thursday, last day of lecture even though I don't have lectures at all. But I still have Mandarin test this evening. Yesterday was the day I've waited for. My PSM presentation day. Alhamdulillah, all was well. :) You wanna know about the slide presentation? I started doing the slide in the morning before the presentation took place in the evening. I just refer my document and transferred it into my slide. Well, just took the points only. I was the last presenter today. Just after Khalis finished his presentation at about 4.30 pm, the evaluator asked me to setup the slideshow. FYI, my evaluator was En. Aziman (my multimedia lecturer; this semester) and Pn. Awanis (my HCI lecturer; last semester).

En. Aziman came out with the simpler way to done my project. Instead of asking the system to draw the layout design, we can use the template of the layout design and user can select the template based on the criteria input by user. There's many more. After this I'll start the survey as soon as possible to suppport my document and system development. Supposed I had done it earlier. Aish. Well, still have some time to repair my document before my I finish next semester.

There's another story before I presented my PSM yesterday. Just before I finished doing my slideshow. That time was almost 12 noon. Suddenly, Uteh called for the first time. Aik. That's wierd. Mabuk ka pa dia ni? Hehe. He called me and asked when will my exam start. I told him that my exam will start on the 3rd of November until 12 November. That's the first call. Not long after that, he called again. He asked me to replace him to go to somewhere. You know where? It's Phuket. ;) I love going places you know. Then he told me to bring photostate IC and 2 passport sized pictures. I asked when and where to give that thing. He said now (that time was 12 noon...urgh) ang give it to En. Saha at his office. I just said okay. No problemo.

I left my room at 12.45 pm like that to see En. Saha. When I went up, I saw others passport sized pictures. Aiya. Mine was not the same size as theirs. Sazwan MPP also was there at that time. Then, En. Saha told that we must go to the immigration office that afternoon. That time I was wondering, what will happen if I can't be here in time because I will present my PSM that evening. Huhu. En. Saha said it's fine, he'll bring along his car. I said okay. That afternoon after Zohor, Sazwan came to my room to print his pictures also. I suit up myself with formal attire because after I come back to UMP later I can directly go to the presentation place.

So, we went to the immigration office at 1.45 pm like that. Arrived there about 15 minutes later. The girls were taking their pictures there for the passport, of course. Then, En. Saha asked who wanted to be the head of delegation. Cikma directly pointed to me. Ceit. Then the others also. I said to En. Saha to give it to Sazwan but was rejected. Aiyo. Okay lah, I took it. After all of us filled up the form and all that, we waited to stamp our thumb print at the form. I told En. Saha that I need to went back to UMP because it was 3.30 pm. I'm afraid I wiil late to present. Huhu. So, En. Saha gave his car key to me. I went back with Cikma; she have suksis, Sazwan; assignment not yet done and Izzat Don (this was the name Sazwan called him) the MPP also.

On the way back, it's raining. Before we reach Gambang, there was no rain. But after we enter UMP, nah... It's raining quite heavily. I thing I need to borrow En. Saha's car to go to Block X, my presentation place. I went directly to Block X after sending Cikma to her suksis troop and those 2 MPPs to their office. Alhamdulillah, I made it in time. ;)

Well, that's the story for this post. There's another post about the night before next. Stay tuned. ;) Peace no war.


CMa said...

Hello bro. HER TROOP la..sejak bile cma tukar jantina neh..huhu

Suburbanzero said...

ekekeke...jgn mare... :P

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