Saturday, October 25, 2008

Futsal again after one month

Asslamualaikum and a very good day all! I remembered my old days back in Subang Jaya with my friends. We played futsal together like once a week. Usually weekends because we don't have class on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes we played in the evening and most times at night. Our place of favourite was Rio de Futsal, Sport Planet SJ & Sunway and the one inside The Summit one which I didn't know the name. And the tradition was, after we finished playing futsal which usually at night, we went to any mamak stall to relax and chit chat plus drinking and eating. After done eating and all that, then we went home to sleep. Hehe. I miss that days. Well, we still have missions to accomplish in life. ;)

Last night and the night before, I went to play futsal with the MPP gang. On the night before, we played against MSP dudes. 5 on 5 non-stop without substitute in an hour. My team members was Alang, Ayie, Awe and Adik. The MSP team was played by Zulhasnan, Zulfahmi, Abg Najib MPP 05/06, Tharmizi and Jukimi Joni. Finally, we beat them after we keep scoring each other. Hehe. I don't know the actual figure but we won with 20 plus goals. ;) I managed to scored 4 goals. Hehe. I like my second goal, half volley from the left side of the field. I volleyed the ball with my right leg. :) It's been a long time not scoring like that. Chewah! ;P We played at the IM mutipurpose hall. The place is new actually and have 4 pitches. After the game, we went to mamak stall near Megamall to eat, drink, chit chat and others. We overnight outside that night. I felt a bit tired after that but not as tired as before.

Last night, again I went out again to play futsal. This time, Alang and Adik didn't join us because Adik wanted to hear the forum and Alang wanted to recover his tired first. So, it's me, Awe and Ayie. We came back to UMP after the game, not like the night before where we overnight. Awe bring along Osman to play for our team. This time we against the post grad students. Abg Najib was one of them. As we played for 30 minutes, suddenly the place was black out. The black out was about 5 minutes like that. After the light back on, Abg Najib asked us to mix the old man with the young man. Ngeh3. But seriously, I felt tired. Damn tired. Maybe because yesterday's tired still have. Maybe lar. This time, I was unable to produce any goals. Just sweat and tired. Nevermind, I still enjoy the game. Hehe. Chances to score also I coudn't manage to put the ball into the net. Aiyo. Maybe next time. InsyaAllah.

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