Monday, September 08, 2008

Bile dah lame xmain futsal...

Assalamualaikum all! :) Today is the 8th day of Ramdhan a.k.a puasa month. I feel a bit tired today, well, yesterday felt very tired but still need to go to the soft skills seminar(or you'll KT...scary siottt ;P). My body felt sengal2 especially in the middle to the southern part. Why ar? The story begins on Saturday. Last Saturday...precisely on the Saturday night..more precisely on 6th September 2008 at 11.30pm, I, Awe, Ayie, T-miji and H-miji went out to play futsal. It's been a long, long, long time I'm not playing futsal. It's time to test my skills. Hehe. ;) We play futsal at Kg. Tiram where I first time been there that day. The futsal pitch is double sized the normal futsal pitch, the turf was the rumput pendek one (there's also the rumput panjang like at the Summit USJ one) and inside a rope cage as usual. We arrived there at about 12.30am like that. I thought we can start playing at 1am, unfortunately, our turn was at 2am. Aiseh. Okay, we'll wait till 2 while watching other peoples playing first. Felt bit sleepy also while waiting...aiya.. When the watch showed 2am, we went to the pitch where we're assigned to. Finally, I'm back to the futsal pitch. ;) After wearing my futsal shoes that was long enough not been used, I went into the pitch. And the game started without further a due and without stretching. ;P Our opponent was good. However, we managed to score I don't know how many but theirs were more than us la for sure. It's okay. I'm not 100% fit yet that time. Chewahh.. ;P But I scored my team opening goal. Hehe. Well, I still got the skills. ;) And we played out till one hour. Finally, I managed to score 2 goals. It's okay what? Heee. Actually, I can score more than Ayie (he score double hat-trick). ;P Maybe next time lah. InsyaAllah. I'm very satisfy with my performance even though not very good. After that, we konvoi to IM to have our sahur before going back to UMP. We only come in at 6am. That's the rules. ;) I felt the sengal2 effect only after I woke up at morning to go to the soft skills seminar. Aiya. That's all for today. Peace! :)

p/s : len kali stretching dulu sebelum bersukan. ;)


Malsi Luzzi said...

main futsal tak ajak!

Suburbanzero said...

sori ar bro
ko jauh sgt la
kalo x leh ajak

Y u n a said...

xpnah main futsal~~~ wuwuwuuw

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