Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kejadian di hari pertama puasa

Assalamualaikum my fella friends! It's now the second day of puasa(fasting). The internet connection was just available. Alhamdulillah. Now, I'm just waiting for the report from ICT Center. Just wanna know what happen. ;) Well, this post I wanted to tell a story about what happened yesterday. Yesterday was the 1st day of puasa. Plus it's holiday because of the Merdeka Day happened to be on Sunday, so the holiday is extended to Monday lah. Yesterday morning I think a very good condition to sleep. Cause why you know? It's raining lor. :) Memang seswai tido. Hehe. After zuhur, me, Alang and Ucu went out to Kuantan. Because we wanted to pick up Achik and Uda from Terminal Makmur. They came back from their kampung. The traffic runs smoothly. Until we stopped at the traffic light in front of Masjid Al-Hidayah, near simpang to Permatang Badak there. The numbers on the electronic board there was approaching 0. Means the red light will be switched to green light. Boleh jalan la tu.. Alang switched to gear 1 and press the pedal to move. Aik?? Why the car didn't move? Alang started the car's engine multiple times. Aiya. Alang suspected that must be the battery cause he admitted that the battery always bring problems. Understood. Then, what are we going to do next? We think what to do next until the 3rd green light came out. Hehe. The car dead in the middle of the road you know. Ujian di bulan Ramdhan... Then, I and Ucu came out from the car and push the car near the masjid while Alang navigate it. The car was now at the suitable place; not in the midlle of the traffic already. Hehe. Ucu try to ask the guard at the masjid there if nearby got workshop. It was a workshop nearby. Alhamdulillah. Alang confidently plug out the battery and we went to the workshop. As soon as we arrived at the workshop, Alang meet the mechanic there to ask wether they sold car's battery or not. But the workshop doesn't. So, Alang ask the mechanic to check the battery. Then the mechanic check it with the multimeter. Hurm. The battery was okay. Then, we went back to the cars to check what's the problem. Then we arrived at the car. The battery was plug in back. Then, he try starting the car. After that he check the engine. The mechanic told that the problem was most probably no oil or one of the engine thingy problem. Alang confidently told the mechanic that the car still got oil. Well, the car oil metre was a bit cacat. Then, the mechanic changed the part. After that, again Alang try to start the car. Same as before. The next solution was to buy oil. Ucu and the mechanic went to buy oil at the nearest oil pump. Not long after that, they came back. The oil was filled in the tank. And the car again being started. Well, still no effect for the first try. Alang try to start again and again. Alhamdulillah. The car started. Then, we thanked the mechanic and continue our journey to the terminal. Kesian mereka berdua menunggu lama. ;) After we took them both, we went to Kuantan Parade. Ucu wanted to find shoes and some stuffs. I planned to went to the mobile phone shop where I bought my SE W200i cause the phone not working properly. Before I arrived at the shop, I tried to send one SMS. Aik? Boleh hantar ka? Alhamdulillah. Unexpectedly, the phone was okay. :) No need to go to the shop anymore lah. After we settles things there, we went back to UMP. Last night after I went out from the masjid, mist was around UMP. Pelik btol?! It's too early for mist to happen. It usually happened in the morning. Well, that concludes the post. :) Selamat berpuasa.

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