Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Konvoi Merdeka Uniten ke UMP

Assalamualaikum and good morning. At last I can write this post. Alhamdulillah. :) You wanna know why? Because of the Internet connection problem. Aiseh. It's okay cause I've contacted the person in charge for network maintenancing. Well, let them do the work and hope that the connection will be available sooner. I'm online at my office. Temporary office. Hehe. ; ) Last week, on Saturday, 30th August 2008, one delegation from UNITEN Muadzam Shah came to UMP. They came here at about 6.30 pm in the evening by konvoi. Konvoi tuu.. They konvoi to UMP with 12 cars I think. They were actually going to certain places before coming to UMP. Their arrival was waited by me, Cikma, Uteh and Alang. Awe came later after that. They actually wanted to raise up the national flag as the program symbolic. But they parked the car at the tiang bendera which have no rope. So, Cikma asked me to usha the tiang bendera near the TNCAA's office one.

I went there and it's available; the rope. So I told Cikma and she bring all the delegation to the tiang bendera near TNCAA's office one. As soon as they all gather in front of the tiang bendera, one guy from UNITEN tie up the national flag to the rope and ready to raise it up. While raising the national flag, all of us sing the national anthem. After that, they gave a bit speech and Alang also do so.

Before they went to have their dinner, the head delegation gave a briefing about their journey later. They have their dinner at the KK1 cafe but they bring along their caterer. Their journey continues after Maghrib prayer at about 8pm. And that's all for this post. Bile la agaknye kite leh konvoi gitu ye? Hehe. Peace! :)

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