Thursday, August 28, 2008

Karam Singh Walia datang UMP

Assalamualaikum all! :) Now is an hour past 12. It's Thursday. Alhamdulillah. I am still given the opportunity to live on this earth. Talking about earth, yesterday there was a day named "Hari Alam Sekitar" or Environmental Day. It's organized by FKASA students; Ucu was one of the manpower for this event. The slot that I'm waiting for is Sesi Bersama Karam Singh Walia. You know who's that right? He's TV3 reporter. The one that always bring up the environmental issues that happened around in Malaysia. He presents about 5 issues in his speech. Each issues he shows the coverage videos that was appeared in the news. Some of the issues are river pollution, illegal pig breeding, balding of hill, global warming and others. I like it when he mention that people will have no guide of life if one has no religion. He means that without a strong bond with the creator, one will lost. I also attracted when that he quotes one Hadith. He relates it with the current issues that happen mostly from the environmental aspects. He also adviced that if we couldn't make the cut, leave the job. Means if we don't have the passion of doing the work, we better find another job that suitable to our interests. It's a very good point! :) Before ending of the session, the audeince was given the opportunity tu answer some questions and claim the hamper that the organizer provide. Oo..that's why la there are so many hampers on the table there.

Cis. And after that, En. Syukor handed to Mr Karam souvenir from UMP watched by Ucu. Before I went back, I eat first la cause the organizer provided some kuih and teh tarik for the audience. Best, best! ;) That's all I think. Zrass!


mocQachinno said...

dpt jmpe Mr Karam Singh Walia kejap je..kalau la bleh sembang lama sket ngn dia.byk bnde nk tnye..

Anonymous said...

sape tau email cntact karam singh walia? 4ward plis.

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