Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Malam Majlis Apresiasi MINDS 2008

Assalamualaikum all! Yeah, this is my 3rd post today. ;) Actually those other two posts are for eXpoconvo'08 one. This post was about last night event that held at Astaka. The event started at 9pm but I was still in the exam hall that time. Hehe. Yesterday I got Artificial Intelligence mid term test. I manage to answer all questions in a not very stable condition. Hehe. Still tired lor.. Now also still feel tired but not la as tired as yesterday. Haha. I arrived at Astaka at almost 10pm last night. But I didn't went into Astaka. Just sitting on my bike at the back of Astaka. As soon as I arrived, Dean of JHEPA, Prof. Abd Jalil was finishing his speech. Yeah! Tepat pada masanya. Makan! ;P After Prof's speech, they present the multimedia presentation to all. You wanna know who did that presentation slide? Hehe. Ni ha, Abg JJ yang buat. ;P At the start of the presentation I put there "JJ Production presents..". I wanted to use JJ Production as my initial for any production that I made instead of Suburbanzero. Ok x? Hehe. After the multimedia presentation, the giving prize session for certain award that they made and lucky draw. Next was the certificate giveaway to the facilitator by Prof Jalil. And next was the main agenda...makan. ;) This is when I ride my bike entering Astaka. Hehe. Ye la kan. Orang dh start makan ye x? Hehe. I was invited to sit at the round table. The meal was simple but delicious. lapo pnye pasal, blasah je la. Hehe. The BBQ chicken was good and so do the ikan bakar. Alhamdulillah, kenyang. :)

After eat, all facilitator, Prof. Abd Jalil and other supporting staff gather to take pictures. As usual, I'm acting as the photographer. That's conclude the event. Peace!

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