Tuesday, August 26, 2008

eXpoconvo'08...day 2

Assalamualaikum... I'm actually wanted to write this after the second day is over but eventually I couldn't because of very damn tired on that day. Morning of that day is like the day before. As soon as we arrived we gather first to hear briefing by our MT and others who have announcement. After the briefing, David took pictures of the whole eXpoconvo'08 family in front of the main entrance of Kuantan Parade. That time the main entrance was still close cause it's still early in the morning. Then we went for our breakfast and wait till the main entrance to open. My work as usual lah, taking pictures of eXpoconvo'08. I also have distribute the works among my team members cause that day we have more that 2 activities and some was going on in the same time. I don't remember how many times have I went around both Atrium. Hehe. That morning, there were the evaluation of the invention and innovation that displayed at Atrium 1. One of the evaluator was Prof. Bad, our former Deputy VC (Research & Innovation). I also took an opportunity to have a short chat with him before he went to evaluate with other evaluators. That morning also at about 11 am, eXporace was held. MT sent two teams. One team was Jemin, Wana and Mancyn. Another team was Fani, Ude and Dila.

As I going around the checkpoint, I found one interesting checkpoint. You know what is so interesting about that checkpoint? Haha. Participants need to drink the raw egg and peria(gourd). ;P I have a chance to took the photos of this one MT team while their were eating the peria. Hehe. After that, I went to Atrium 1 cause kids coloring competition was held there.
The winners of the competition was later announced after the it finished. eXporace winners also was announced after that. Then I went to lunch with others.

After lunch, I went to Terminal Makmur to take my sister who came here to help out my ibu at the booth. After coming back from terminal, I went to Atrium 1 to watched the martial art show. I only have chance to watch the Silat Cekak one.

I missed the taekwando part but I have the video. Hehe. That evening also was held Cabaran Nescafe Tarik. The event that was sponsored by Nestle. The competition was also participate by children aged 9. Wow.

;) Winners of the challenge was Ajid the Zapin man. Congrats! Even though his music have some technical problem, but he still managed to perform well. *Thumbs up* After the challenge was over, I went to solat and went with Faisal to Hyatt Hotel. En.Hilmi Agir took us from Kuantan Parade to Hyatt. He drove like lipas kudung you know. Very, very the fast and the furious. ;P What happened at Hyatt? Actually, En.Azmi invited me and Faisal to document the Makan Malam Graduan 2008 (Graduates Dinner 2008). Fully sponsored by UMP Alumni association. Wow. I'm acting as the photographer while Faisal act as the video man.
Almost 300+ graduates joined the dinner and some of the graduates are my friends. Also attending the dinner was our VC. Bestnye mereka, dah grad dah~~ The Zapin team also performed that night at the dinner. Before that, they were actually performed at Kuantan Parade for the eXpoconvo'08. Must've very damn tired woo. 2 performance place in one night. But it's a very energetic performance. I ate after the dinner was over. 2 round tambah nasik ngan lauk wa cakap luu.. Cannot go la. ;P After that, Azmi called to stay at Hyatt cause they're (the MT & SUB) are coming. Aik pelik tol?? Ape kes? (That's what I'm thinking la..) Actually they're coming to discussed about the closing ceremony changes. It was settled that night after the discussion with En.Azmi, En.Reduan and En.Rahman. Before going back to UMP, En.Reduan belanja us french fries and coke at KFC near Hyatt. That's all for second day. :)

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