Sunday, August 17, 2008

AVG ade problem hari ni

Assalamualaikum and good day! Today I have expoconvo workshop. You wanna know something? Today my AVG can't be updated you know. Waa... An error message pop up and said that "A .bin file is missing". What on earth is was that. Heh! So I decided to surf the net to find for solution. I found that all peeps that uses AVG happened to have the same problem with me. Luckily, there were the solution. It has to be updated manually. Here are the steps for those who are still don't know :
1 - Start up AVG,click Update Now.
2 - The list of updates is shown in Popup, click on the more information link.A list of updates will be shown.
3 - Click on and save all updates in a file except the last one - - because this is causing the problem.
4 - Cancel the update and instead click on Tools > Update from Directory and go to the file where you saved the updates.Install these and AVG should be working properly again.

I think that's all for this evening. Happy updating! Peace ;)

1 comment:

Dyat said...

aku sudah lama keciwa dgn avg.
aku skang guna avira.

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