Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Utamakan apa yang utama

Assalamualaikum and Hi! In this post, I wanted to discuss a little bit about one thing that I actually wanted to discuss but I don't have time to write it out. Okay. Here it is. In our life, we have so many things to do. As for a Muslim myself, I have my responsibilities to my Deen. You know it, right? As a son of my mother and my father, I have my responsibilities to them, to my family. You also know it, right? As "the selected" by the people around us be their representatives, I have my responsibilities to all of them. Again, you know it, right? Well, I'm not supposed to questioned my responsibilities cause it's mine to settle it. And I have no problem with that. :) The main topic is how I prioritise it? Which one is the most important one? Which one I should do first? This is the big issue here. Not all people can manage to prioritise their work. That also includes me which is His servant. No powers to control, no rights to decide. Prioritising our work can make our living more organized. InsyaAllah. I'm also now in the phase to prioritising my life. Hehe. Well, I wanted to be organized you know. ;) Organize here means organized, but flexible. Not organized like a computer programmed robot. The robot will keep doing the same thing as how it was programmed. In my MPP organization, we practice prioritizing. This is based on our motto "Prioritise, Strategise, Synergise". A very good motto to practice, right? Like Uteh have mentioned at the earlier stage of our era, we wanted to be a benchmark to the next generation of MPP. So, I suggest prioritising is the most important one to be considered as the basic before starting to do something. Lastly, let us think back where is our priority? Are we doing the one that's not really important while there are others might be very important? Let's think about it, okay ;)

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